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1994 revisited: Americans wrong about recession

Today’s headline: Americans think we’re in a recession. They’re wrong. But still… – The Washington Post. Same as 1994.

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All-time great performances: Fishbone on SNL

March 23, 1991. I was sitting in the commons room at Brown House, my happy home for the past three years. I was terrified of the world outside Duke. We had watched most of the Gulf War on the same … Continue reading

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We R not smrt

Canadian magazine Maclean’s looks southward and shudders. A few painful excerpts from a thorough beatdown that starts with a bunch of frightening statistics on America’s willful scientific ignorance: If the rise in uninformed opinion was limited to impenetrable subjects that … Continue reading

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How to edit, old-school

Among the pearls (pardon the pun) from this Jeff Pearlman interview with longtime Sports Illustrated editor Peter Carry are these handy four rules of editing (I’ve put the most frequently violated rule in bold): Rule 1: The best ideas come from … Continue reading

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De-romanticizing Woodstock

I don’t even like being packed next to a smelly drunk dude. I doubt I could’ve coped with this: Imagine the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina: hot, humid, hundreds of thousands of people stranded without enough food or water. Now imagine … Continue reading

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A little knowledge on the USA TODAY layoffs

I’m trying to spend less time refuting people who are wrong on the Internet or elsewhere. It’s not productive. Sure, they say all it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to say nothing. But that doesn’t mean … Continue reading

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Today’s non-mainstream news

Time to worry less about ISIS and more about disabling the Axis (of two parties in the USA)? Read on … Is the “homegrown jihadi” movement actually declining? The Daily Dish has a few dismissive voices on the direct threat ISIS … Continue reading

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