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Fact-checking, academia-style

Academics have peer review and other mechanisms to lessen the likelihood of error. These folks seem to be putting in a missing step: publicizing retractions so more people know when a study turns out to be flawed. Seems worthwhile. Retraction … Continue reading

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The Original “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)”

I had no idea this wasn’t a They Might Be Giants original. The original recording was in 1953. The Original “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” | Mental Floss.

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At last, the media are the good guys

Andrew Sullivan rounds up a few good takes firing back at Ferguson prosecutor Robert McCulloch’s griping about the media. Journalists — and people on social media — are imperfect. But when someone in power starts griping about their watchdog power, … Continue reading

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Title IX and the Virginia rape shocker

Title IX is an important law, but a rewrite is long overdue: The question I have been asked a hundred times since the Rolling Stone piece appeared is: How is it possible that a crime as serious as an aggravated, … Continue reading

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No, moving from NBC to Netflix is NOT good news for all of us

Splitsider, my go-to comedy blog, indirectly shows how fragmented our viewing habits are. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a show I’ve been anticipating for a while. It’s from Tina Fey (good), it’s about a women who leaves a cult and tries … Continue reading

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How not to respond to just criticism, Pointergate edition

A grumpy old cop upset that the Minneapolis mayor is holding cops accountable griped to a gullible reporter that the mayor was “flashing a gang sign” when she pointed to a guy helping her on a charitable endeavor. MPR News … Continue reading

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Conscious Capitalism: An antidote for cynicism?

I saw a few books on “Conscious Capitalism” at The Container Store yesterday, in a display next to works by like-minded CEOs. Call me naive, but I was thrilled to see it. I’m under no illusion that such movements attract … Continue reading

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