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How The Daily Show exposes propaganda for what it is

The first segment of this episode shows how the current right-wing punditocracy (which, I should say, does not necessarily represent the views of actual Republicans) is hung up on symbolism rather than policy. They actually admire Putin for being decisive. … Continue reading

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How ‘Reality Bites’ and the dictionary screw up irony

It’s no longer funny to dump on the Alanis Morissette song Ironic. It’s been done, ad nauseam. We get it — rain on your wedding day is not ironic. But Alanis isn’t to blame for a generation’s misuse of the term. I … Continue reading

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Me on Family Guy at Popdose

This week’s shocking Family Guy episode inspired me to get back to Popdose where I belong: The question: Is Brian’s death worth it in the long run? It’s a tricky question because Brian had more or less split into two … Continue reading

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South Park: ‘World War Zimmerman’ review

Sometimes, South Park and Family Guy forget that there’s more to comedy than taking their characters and putting them in dramatic situations ripped from movies or real life. This was one of those episodes.

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Potpourri: Boggle vs. Scrabble, the Bible, SNL meets EPL

So many links, not enough time … 1. With all due respect to fellow sports wordsmith Stefan Fatsis, I agree with this Slate writer: Boggle is better than Scrabble. 2. Lex points out the counterproductivity of current food stamp ideology. … Continue reading

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Yes: A Three-Album Tour ….

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, A tale of a complex band They’re on their fourth lead singer now But still never bland The setlist needed something fresh To draw a crowd for sure Five Yes members … Continue reading

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Comedians are smarter than TV financial analysts, part 329

Al Franken grasps financial reform. TV talking heads do not, to which John Oliver says, “It’s your JOB!” The Daily Show with Jon StewartGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Daily Show on Facebook

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Flying: Louis CK vs. Patton Oswalt

Flying: Miracle of science or miserable experience? That’s actually a debate among comedians today. Louis CK, in the midst of righteous rants about the entitlement mentality of younger generations, insists upon the former. Plenty of people have heard this, but … Continue reading

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If Andy Warhol and Taylor Swift were contemporaries

Yes, it’s a 10-hour loop of a Taylor Swift chorus punctuated by a goat screaming. Doesn’t this sound like something Warhol would’ve done?

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Why the critics are wrong about ‘The Office’

The Office, like Saturday Night Live or any other show with a history, has always been prey for cynics. Some say it was never as good as the UK version, some say it went downhill a few years ago, some say it’s been … Continue reading

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