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Manfred Mann’s Earth Band covers the Police

No idea why this popped into my head today, but it’s one of the great oddball covers by a band that seemed to re-emerge with an oddball cover once or twice per decade. This is from the 1983 release¬†Somewhere in … Continue reading

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Concert review: Muse

Is Muse overwrought? Brilliant? Pretentious? The world’s best band? Yes. To all of those descriptions. One of my favorite music-criticism quotes, and I’ve cited it before, is from the book 50 Worst Rock and Roll Records: “If U2 weren’t full … Continue reading

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Best music videos ever? Well, there’s Radiohead and Foo Fighters

A lot of the selections in NME’s 100 Greatest Music Videos are from what you might call the post-MTV era, so color me skeptical. I might need to go back at some point and check out a few of them. … Continue reading

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Today in weird theremin-ish music

Rock musicians are supposedly the ones on drugs, but I wonder what made people think, “Hey, let’s play Beethoven on Russian nesting dolls …” 167 Theremin Players Perform Beethoven | Mental Floss.

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Current iPod Top 10

Top 10 on my iPod since … maybe two years ago? Not sure when it last reset: 1. Gimme Sympathy, Metric, 166 plays 2. Tarantula, Smashing Pumpkins, 150 3. Panic Switch, Silversun Pickups, 119 4. Knights of Cydonia, Muse, 109 … Continue reading

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How classical music got weirder than rock

AKA: “Help! I’m a constipated cellist in a helicopter!” 7 Experimental Adventures in Classical Music | Mental Floss.

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Yes: A Three-Album Tour ….

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, A tale of a complex band They’re on their fourth lead singer now But still never bland The setlist needed something fresh To draw a crowd for sure Five Yes members … Continue reading

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Sting and the rise of book-learning

Did Sting’s literate rock help usher in a new age in which esoteric intellectuals like Malcolm Gladwell and Neil deGrasse Tyson could become celebrities? Or did he at least help rock critics resolve their internal conflicts between their academic backgrounds … Continue reading

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Bass parts that can’t be beat

I’m a little late in finding this, but it’s a thoughtful roundup of the best basslines of all time, ranging from Motown to prog. Of course, you could spend all day thinking of omissions. First one to leap to my … Continue reading

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If Andy Warhol and Taylor Swift were contemporaries

Yes, it’s a 10-hour loop of a Taylor Swift chorus punctuated by a goat screaming. Doesn’t this sound like something Warhol would’ve done?

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