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Potpourri: Boggle vs. Scrabble, the Bible, SNL meets EPL

So many links, not enough time … 1. With all due respect to fellow sports wordsmith Stefan Fatsis, I agree with this Slate writer: Boggle is better than Scrabble. 2. Lex points out the counterproductivity of current food stamp ideology. … Continue reading

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Rageahol: Patriot Act plus sequester equals poor speedskaters

My former USA TODAY colleague Kelly Whiteside has a good story about a speedskater who had to apply for food stamps after her monthly stipend was cut: For some Olympic hopefuls, funding is a hurdle. To which Mr. William Mansfield … Continue reading

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OK, maybe we *are* unable/unwilling to adapt

Web hipsters have long had a field day scoffing at Old Media Companies’ supposed ignorance. It’s a little silly at time. “OMG, they didn’t recognize a picture of the guy who started Craigslist!” No, they didn’t, but that doesn’t meant … Continue reading

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Have bloggers surpassed traditional journalists?

It’s a stupid question on many counts. Some “bloggers” in this post are actually professional advocates. Others are semi-pros who aren’t about to quit their day jobs but are getting money to drive traffic. But however you define them, these … Continue reading

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National anthems, from Murphy to Aguilera

In honor of Christina Aguilera making the national anthem her own yesterday, here’s a legendary clip from The Simpsons, featuring Springfield’s resident blues sensation, Bleeding Gums Murphy:

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Most popular stories of the year (among those I wrote)

After some year-end number-crunching, here’s what people read — and what they overlooked: Top stories: 1. U.S. women rout New Zealand to reach quarterfinals. Not surprising in the sense that it’s Olympic women’s soccer, which accounts for most of these. … Continue reading

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Progress report

Today, at Starbucks, around 1:30 p.m., I finished Chapter 11 of my MLS history book (rough draft). At 62,200 words, I have now written a viable nonfiction work. All that remains of the rough draft is a conclusion, which I … Continue reading

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How out of touch am I?

Are my tastes completely out of line with everyone else’s? Consider the following: Music: No, I don’t know much of the current Top 40. But in today’s fragmented media landscape, that’s not so unusual. The days of a band like … Continue reading

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Season’s end

Rough count of the past year: 45 stories, 39 of them about MLS. Quite an increase from 25 over the two preceding years (not counting Olympic Athlete of the Week, which was a quick roundup that has since been folded … Continue reading

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Hey! I’m in a government database!

If they’ve done their homework on who’s likely to be in this group, anyway. Oh, it’s not the U.S. government, by the way. It’s China’s.

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