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Daytime TV, a quick survey

In case you worry about American civilization, here’s a quick scan of my TV options at 1 p.m. … CW local affiliate, The Test: It seems two girlfriends have moved in with the same guy. At least one of them has a … Continue reading

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Me on Family Guy at Popdose

This week’s shocking Family Guy episode inspired me to get back to Popdose where I belong: The question: Is Brian’s death worth it in the long run? It’s a tricky question because Brian had more or less split into two … Continue reading

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South Park: ‘World War Zimmerman’ review

Sometimes, South Park and Family Guy forget that there’s more to comedy than taking their characters and putting them in dramatic situations ripped from movies or real life. This was one of those episodes.

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Cable “news” and “distraction”

My issues with this analysis are: 1. All cable information networks do this. Not just Fox. Not even just the “news” networks. 2. It’s a stretch to say the mislabeled “R-” and “D-” graphics are part of a larger conspiracy. … Continue reading

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Comedians are smarter than TV financial analysts, part 329

Al Franken grasps financial reform. TV talking heads do not, to which John Oliver says, “It’s your JOB!” The Daily Show with Jon StewartGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Daily Show on Facebook

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Why the critics are wrong about ‘The Office’

The Office, like Saturday Night Live or any other show with a history, has always been prey for cynics. Some say it was never as good as the UK version, some say it went downhill a few years ago, some say it’s been … Continue reading

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And why Andrew Sullivan still isn’t going to watch. Me too. The difference between Fox and MSNBC

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Why doesn’t MTV play music videos? Don’t ask

Crude but effective. (Translated: This has a lot of Not Safe for Work language and hand gestures, but it absolutely captures the demographic and technological trends that govern MTV’s current programming. And it’s really funny.)  

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Quick review: The Office, Season 9, Episode 2

The first episode this season was surprisingly good. Tonight, that momentum died instantly. The Office is falling into the old sitcom cliche of a married couple running into trouble over some sort of misunderstanding. It’s a betrayal of the Jim and Pam … Continue reading

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Quick review: “The Burn with Jeffrey Ross”

It’s pretty clear even Jeffrey Ross doesn’t like this show. Come on, Comedy Central — taking talented comics and having them stand on stage hurling lame insults (see Tosh.0) is about as lame as a dumb idiot who can’t come … Continue reading

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