Movement 1 for today: Personal responsibility

Yeah, I know it’s hip and cool to blame Microsoft and other software designers for all the worm and virus messes, as the Post’s Charles Duhigg does today. But that conveniently shifts blame away from the consumers who never use Microsoft’s automatic updates and never use or update their virus protection.

Isn’t that a bit like driving without a seat belt and then blaming the automaker when you get hurt in an accident?

And this is my problem with the tech community and its sense of entitlement. They want complete freedom to download music, even if that puts the musicians themselves out of business. And they want to browse around without taking the slightest precaution.

Here’s a warning: We don’t want the government involved here, and we don’t Microsoft to take any heavy-handed steps on security. If that happens, you’ll be required to download every piddly update, whether it’s at a convenient time or not. And who knows what else.

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