Ignorance is bliss

Is there anything more frustrating than knowing the whole story and not being able to tell anyone who needs to hear it?

That’s what I’m going through these days with the World Track & Field Championships and the ensuing drug-test controversies. Most of the track & field officials and commentators (especially those at the BBC) are either ignorant themselves or preying on the ignorance of others.

Jerome Young’s case from 1999 is irrelevant. He was cleared by the rules of the day. The rules of the day were insufficient and have been reformed, which is good, but the new rules can’t suddenly be reapplied to 1999. You might as well go back and review old basketball tapes from the days before the 3-point line and award three points for any shot beyond a certain distance.

I know someone else in a similar situation who can’t disclose certain knowledge that refutes a lot of what’s been written about the subject. It’s frustrating. There’s little we can do.

In retrospect, perhaps I should’ve made this blog anonymous.

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