Attention GMU students

Blog Overkill – The danger of hyping a good thing into the ground. By Jack Shafer

If you’re in Steve Klein’s class, where I’ll be appearing in 10 days or so, you might want to give this one a read. Shafer’s point: Blogs are great, but they’re not the revolutionary force some want to claim they are.

The comments at the bottom are interesting, but it’s easy to get distracted from any reasonable point and get drawn into a convoluted argument about what was actually said at the conference in question. I’ve read through several of the discussions, and I’m inclined to think that Shafer didn’t jump to any irrational conclusions. You may disagree, depending on which posts you read and which posts you believe.

As I said, though, that’s not the point worth discussing. For a good discussion on the future of blogs, check this post from former Spinsanity co-editor Brendan Nyhan.

And on a side note, what does it tell you that reasonable discussions are so easily sidetracked into “he said, she said” arguments?

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