"I’ll come to where YOU work and heckle YOU!"

Though I’m severely disappointed in podcasting as a medium so far (for the last time, it’s not “Tivo” for radio — any half-decent downloadable audio like the vast offerings at the BBC would qualify as “Tivo” — it’s basically a printer for audio, and amateur podcasts are frankly excruciating), I can highly recommend the podcast (or any other way you want to listen) of the public radio show Studio 360, a quirky look at arts and entertainment.

This week’s show is a doozy. It’s a look at the role of critics in modern society, opening with a hysterically profane voice mail from Ryan Adams to a critic who dared to pan his oh-so-perfect show. The problem is obviously personal, Adams rants, because the music is “too (bleep)ing good.”

Well, then. Someone’s obviously pretty impressed with himself.

I have no set opinion on Adams, and I’d almost be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. But Mr. Awesome and his minions didn’t respond to interview requests, so (bleep) them.

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