Quick book review, kid music comment and media business rant

Book review: I enjoyed an old Dave Barry book, Dave Barry’s Guide to Guys. In other hands, this would be … well, The Man Show. In Barry’s hands, it’s an effective satire showing how men make a mess of things. He doesn’t apologize for it. He just makes fun of it.

I have indeed met Dave Barry. I was in line at the McDonald’s snack stand in the Media Center for the 2002 Olympics. I idly glanced at the media credentials of the people around me and noticed “Knight Ridder Newspapers: Barry, David.” Took me a second for that to sink in. But yes, it was him. All I could think to ask him was how he got the day off from curling.

Kid music: The little one has a new favorite song, and it doesn’t have any Dr. Seuss characters in it. It doesn’t even have any words. You guessed it — Frankenstein.

Media business rant: Funny how people see declining profits at news companies and scream that the whole industry is going under. Ford recently laid off 372,018,794,183 people in 49 states (sorry, the Dave Barry exagggggeration thing is stuck in my head), and we’re not seeing “Cars — Are They Still Relevant In The Craiglist Era?” headlines.

And a bonus: I didn’t see it on Comedy Central’s site, but if you get a chance to see Jon Stewart’s take on the Oprah takedown of James Frey, please do. The contrast of Oprah making Frey squirm alongside fawning questions of various political figures is classic. Basically, the point is that we’re demanding more accountability of our memoir/fantasy writers than we do of our politicians. And it’s a good point.

Frey’s blog, by the way, is curiously silent.

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