Drummer quiz

OK folks, let’s see how well you know my favorite musicians. Name the band or solo artist most closely associated with each of these drummers:

1. Neil Peart
2. Bill Bruford (extra credit if you can name more than one band)
3. Dave Grohl (again, name more than one if you can)
4. Terry Bozzio (and again)
5. Clem Burke
6. Mark Brzezicki
7. Brian Rosenworcel
8. Chad Gracey
9. Rob Hirst
10. Jerry Marotta (name any)
11. Matt Chamberlain (name many)
12. Jimmy Chamberlin
13. Stewart Copeland
14. Frank Beard
15. Martin Chambers
16. Bill Berry
17. Fish
18. Boris Williams
19. Fran Christina
20. Jeep MacNichol
21. Gina Schock
22. Phil Collins
23. David Narcizo
24. Larry Mullen Jr.
25. Alan White
26. John Bonham
27. Mitch Mitchell

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14 Responses to Drummer quiz

  1. Neel Mehta says:

    I know the ones that most people know.

    1. Rush
    3. Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, probably the first Foo Fighters album
    11 or 12. Hole, Smashing Pumpkins? I seem to recall one of those guys quitting.
    13. The Police
    14. ZZ Top?
    16. REM
    17. Fishbone?
    21. The Go-Gos?
    22. Genesis
    24. U2
    26. Led Zeppelin

    Like I said, no new ground with me.

  2. Michael says:

    Supplementing Neel’s answers

    2 – King Crimson and Yes

    4 – Zappa (you reallly are a proghead aren’t you?)

    12 is Smashing Pumpkins, 11 is a session guy, probably best known for being Tori’s drummer

    15 – Das Pretenders

    25 – Oasis…who I hate

    27 – The Jimi Hendrix Experience

    I have never heard of half of this list, I’m now going to edify myself Wikipedia style.

  3. bdure says:

    I’ll give the full list of correct answers Monday-ish, but I should point out that Michael has tripped over the trick question. On one of his answers, there’s more than one guy with that name, and I’d argue that the OTHER guy is more famous.

    Also, Terry Bozzio had a more famous gig than that.

  4. Mrs. MMM says:

    I only knew 8: Peart (ack), Grohl, Copeland, Berry, Schock, Collins, Mullen, and Bonham.

    Can we stay married?

  5. bdure says:

    Of COURSE …

    But you’ve gotta know No. 7. I believe you have his autograph.

    I tried to get an autograph from No. 10.

  6. Mrs MMM says:

    Whoops! I love No. 7, I just overlooked him. (And you’re right, I do have his autograph, and his bandmates’ autographs.)

  7. Michael says:

    The “trick question” is that Bruford’s replacement in Yes was also named Alan White (boooo, yes I had to look it up).

  8. medic8r says:

    P here, helping mop up:

    5. Blondie, and the Eurythmics

    6. Big Country? (wild stab/guess)

    27. The Jimi Hendrix Experience

    I’m guessing that one of these guys is in the Smithereens (23?)

    Cool quiz!

  9. bdure says:

    Had to look it up to be sure, but the Smithereens’ drummer was Dennis Diken.

    I’ll go ahead and confirm that the bulk of these answers are right, then give a few hints on the others:

    4. Not just Zappa. Much bigger gig than that.

    8. His band aspires to the U2 echelon and at times gets pretty close, but the lead singer isn’t quite as charismatic as Bono.

    9. Wrote many lyrics for his big, bald lead singer, who finally left the band to go into politics

    10. One of his many outlets was a folky duo.

    18. Lead singer was in an early South Park episode.

    19. Band had a great guitarist whose brother was an even greater guitarist.

    20. Jam band with a bit of reggae influence.

    23. Occasional bandmate of Tanya Donelly.

  10. bdure says:

    Oh — and extra credit to P for coming up with the Eurythmics. He also toured a lot with yet another ’80s band.

  11. Neel Mehta says:

    4. Not just Zappa. Much bigger gig than that.

    Oh. I thought that name was familiar, but I incorrectly assumed it was the female lead singer’s name. (In my head I throw in Berlin, Terri Nunn, and the “Words” vs. “No More Words” thing.)

    8. His band aspires to the U2 echelon and at times gets pretty close, but the lead singer isn’t quite as charismatic as Bono.

    Curious, I had to look it up. Didn’t know his name; just knew him as the guy who does nothing in the “I Alone” video.

    9. Wrote many lyrics for his big, bald lead singer, who finally left the band to go into politics

    Excellent clue. Aren’t many big, bald lead singers in rock history. They tend to look like Michael Stipe or the Bono-esque #8.

  12. medic8r says:

    May I also suggest:

    28. Keith Moon
    29. Simon Phillips
    30. Tre’ Cool
    31. Taylor Hawkins
    32. Anton Fig
    33. Omar Hakim
    34. Jon “Bermuda” Schwartz

    A great website for such research:


  13. Mrs. MMM says:

    I second P’s (Medic8r’s) Taylor Hawkins rec. As I was telling you last night, I’d also put Travis (of Blink, don’t know his last name) in the top 35.

  14. medic8r says:

    Maybe Mrs. MMM likes Taylor’s shirtless playing, mmm, yes?

    I remember seeing him goof around with Alanis on her concert DVD. And to a lesser degree at the concert I attended. She really had a great band. No wonder he got snatched up by fellow NoVa’r Grohl for FF duty. Heheh I said “duty…”

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