Black hole sun

I will get back to the channel-by-channel review of XM radio one of these days, I promise. They’ve changed the lineup a good bit now (bye-bye, World Cup channel — you’ll be missed), and I’m giving a few other “mix” channels a try. The “Hear Music” and “Fine Tuning” mix channels are just a little too mellow, good for about 20 minutes but inevitably dragged down by some fifth-rate James Blunt whining about his lack of a soulmate or whatever he sings about to lure gullible coffeehouse women into bed.

So I was listening to “Sunny” for a while today. At least, I think I was. The mix of mildly upbeat music was just fine, and it wasn’t quite like the “beautiful music” description. Especially when they broke out Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart.

What the … Total Eclipse of the Heart is on the SUNNY channel? Why, because the freaky kids with the glowing eyes in the video represented miniature suns?

I must have been listening to the wrong channel. I had a few reception problems today. Yeah, that’s it.

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