My personal DNA

The most detailed and interesting personality test I’ve ever seen tells me I am a …

The funny thing is that I supposedly don’t care too much for aesthetics, but I couldn’t help noticing that those colors are ugly.

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2 Responses to My personal DNA

  1. AG says:

    Over the past year I’ve shifted from Reserved Experiencer to Reserved Inventor, which is fine, but would someone mind explaining why I’m, like, allegedly five times more butch now than I was then? It’s really annoying me, especially since I just bought some cute new wardrobe. Do I have to take it back?

  2. medic8r says:

    I thought that I, too, would be a Considerate Thinker, but apparently I am a Benevolent Visionary. I take this as good news and as a sign that I am not burned out from my job. I still have empathy – woo hoo!

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