Blogroll adds

I haven’t formally welcomed the newcomers, so here goes …

Py Korry is a regular at Jason’s blog and an entertaining music-and-whatever-else blogger in his own right, spanning several styles in his clever “Mix Six” features.

Wings for Wheels is Dave Lifton’s attempt (successful, I’d say) to prove that at least a few people in the Screaming Eagles, the boisterous D.C. United supporters group, have actual lives outside soccer. He does a good podcast, too, interviewing musicians and playing some selections from their catalogs.

At some point, I should add some TV and journalism blogs. In the meantime, get acquainted with these guys.

And yes, the blogroll reflects the hiatus for Down With Snark and Jefito, who is rumored to be making some sort of return like that female X-Men character. What was her name?

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2 Responses to Blogroll adds

  1. Py Korry says:

    Hey! Thanks so much for the add. Glad to know that you’re enjoying the weekly mix.

  2. Dave Lifton says:

    Blogroll reciprocation at WFW. See you during the weekend’s festivities…

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