Fox News: Suddenly going for “balanced”?

I don’t know enough about Fox’s site to know if they frequently have left-wing screeds like this. I suppose that’s one way of creating “balance.” Now about that “fair” part …

Paul Ryan’s speech in 3 words | Fox News.

(Factually, maybe it’s “fair,” but I think most fact-checkers stay away from “cow dung.”)

Freedom — always a tough act to follow

The question really shouldn’t be whether George Michael had the right to play and promote one of his new songs after rocking the house with Freedom. The question is whether that song was any good, or at least whether it’s the kind of song that would go over well in a large celebration.

Watching on the international feed, you could feel the stadium deflate.

Cutting this song was one decision NBC got right.

BBC News – George Michael defends Olympics closing ceremony song.

Slate on progressive rock — the music that never ends

Slate’s Dave Wiegel is doing a series on the pomp, circumstance, fascination and absurdity of progressive rock. Today, a good bit of King Crimson:

The rise of prog: King Crimson, Keith Emerson, and the futurist sounds of the 1970s. – Slate Magazine.

Which reminds me to go back and take a look at my take on King Crimson and the Strangest Man in the History of Rock, Jamie Muir. (Updated once again to get an actual video.)