What the world needs now is another pol-spinner like I need a hole in my head

Ironically, the first “RELATED” link after this tale of expanding the punditocracy while actual reporting withers is: “Jeff Zucker to CNN Staff: We are still unequivocally dedicated to quality journalism.”

CNN Adds Stephanie Cutter, Kevin Madden as Political Commentators – TVNewser.

To lighten the mood a bit for your weekend, here’s the source of the headline, featuring University of Georgia lecturer David Lowery:

Your marriage is just distracting us from the real issues!

rageaholEver find comments on the Internet that are so delusional, so full of unfocused rage, so wacked-out that you simply have to share them with the world?

Welcome to Rageahol, inspired by the great Homer Simpson line: “Ohhhh, it’s true, I’m a rageaholic! I just can’t live without rageahol!!”

Our first entry comes from a Bruce Sims of Pensacola, Fla. (or someone who hacked into his Twitter account), who reacts to the news of Duke hoopster Ryan Kelly’s engagement to Bill Cowher’s daugher thusly:

So….when I married the love of my life, It never got on the news, because it was not news! what makes people think this is news when we have all that is going on in this country, and the Homosexual mess in the scouts and the govt going rampant etc and this is news! Yeah news that will take peoples sights off the danger to come! Oh will it come!

Full story and surely a few more rageaholic comments: Former Duke hoops player is engaged to Bill Cowher’s daughter | For The Win.

The Good Utilitarian: Utilitarianism, best solutions, and wealth redistribution

This is my issue with a lot of the snide dismissals of utilitarianism from the Bleeding Hearts Libertarians crowd …


Any criticism of utilitarianism that argues that using utilitarianism produces bad outcomes or sub-optimal results misses the point and is wrong almost by definition. If an outcome is less than ideal from the perspective of maximizing utility, then utilitarianism cannot point to it as the best…

The Good Utilitarian: Utilitarianism, best solutions, and wealth redistribution