Today in politics: Alternate takes on IRS, demons in Virginia, and a “kick this” to Zach Braff

Andrew Sullivan thinks Peggy Noonan and company should quit overblowing the IRS scandal and consider going after Obama on war crimes.

The real scandals are obvious and ignored. But not by this blog. Just by the GOP.

In another alternate take, Slate’s Farhan Manjoo expresses some sympathy for the overloaded IRS Cincinnati office and wonders if this whole experience will make conservatives realize how it feels to be “profiled.”

All these efforts rely on the same intellectual justification—looking at surface characteristics makes sense because they’re a potential signal of deeper activity, whether it’s terrorism or crime or electioneering.

Meanwhile, in Virginia, the GOP has doubled down on the culture wars. The gubernatorial candidate is the guy who used the attorney general’s office as an outlet for climate-change denialism. Now the prospective lieutenant governor equates Planned Parenthood with the KKK and says the Democratic Party is in “rebellion against God.”

In a lighter conflict, some folks at Esquire have launched a Kickstarter movement to stop Zach Braff from making his Kickstarter-funded film.

Wish You’d Used Your Own Damn Money will attempt to thwart, dismantle, and prevent former Scrubs star Zach Braff’s latest project, funded exclusively through private donations. Simultaneously, we will be filming a documentary of the un-making of Wish I Was Here. By raising a mere $5 million, we can turn reality into an impossibility.

“Today in politics” is an occasional thing I do on this blog that in no way should be construed as endorsement of any political movement or anti-Zach Braff campaign. 

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