You can run that last mile, but you can’t run from being a liberal!

rageaholThousands of people affected by the Boston Marathon bombing, including many who were unable to finish the race, gathered in Boston to run the last mile over the weekend.

It was an inspiring story, a testament to the human will. It was also a show of force that our spirit will not be deterred by violence. We mourn, and then we overcome. And doing so on Memorial Day weekend was a fitting tribute to our resilience and our gratitude toward those who have lost their lives to senseless violence.

Oh, wait — it’s actually a slap in the face of Texas, according to “Top Commenter” Lowell Jacoby of the University of Miami:

I’m surprised the survivors of Sandy Hook, the Aurora theater shooting super storm Sandy, and all the other liberal causes weren’t invited.

Of course the the explosion in Texas was ignored because that’s a conservative state.

Full story and a few good responses to Mr. Jacoby: Thousands run final mile of Boston Marathon.

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