Hey, remember the IRS scandal?

Andrew Sullivan unofficially declares it dead:

So we begin to see the actual truth (and where it usually is, Page A14): the IRS was rightly scrutinizing a whole slew of new groups claiming to be all about “social welfare” and checking to see how politicized they were – on both sides. Most of those on the progressive side were seeking 501(c)3s – not 501(c)4s – so the parallel isn’t exact. But it sure suggests nothing of any malign nature here.

Dear Peggy, Your “Scandal” Just Evaporated « The Dish.

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One Response to Hey, remember the IRS scandal?

  1. Lex says:

    Interestingly, although scrutiny of right-wing groups ended in 2012, scrutiny of left-wing groups continued right up until a few weeks ago, per today’s fishwrap. Granted, most of the left-wing groups were 501c3s, which must operate under stricter standards. But still. Hell, even Darrell Issa has given up on this and gone back to Benghazi, so you don’t need Sully to know there’s no there there.

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