Rageahol: Learning about black people via “the news”

rageaholI didn’t intentionally wander into a George Zimmerman story in search of racists. That would be too easy. I went into the comments because this was the now-famous USA TODAY (reported by Florida Today) story that cited one “Howie Felterbush.”

I was hoping to find a couple of clever comments about Howie. But instead, I immediately stumbled into the prose of one Edward Brantley, a top commenter from Gibbs High School.

If Zimmerman is found guilty, You better watch out. The next time you flush your toilet you may be charged with 2nd Degree murder.

Oh, I get it! Clever! Apparently, plenty of people think so — he has 62 “likes.”

A little later in that thread, Brantley returns:

If found not guilty, look out. You know how they like to throw thier feces when they get mad.

So where has Brantley learned such clever things about black people? In response to another comment about black stereotypes, he explains:

Thts not a steroetype. Watch the news and you will see that in most cases it is a fact.

I guess Eddie’s local news doesn’t speak with many people of color.

A quick check of Eddie’s Facebook shows that he hails from St. Petersburg, Fla. Perhaps he should consider getting his news from the fine local papers there instead of the local news? Or perhaps his local school has failed him.

Maybe it would be fun to check with Eddie when he has a life experience beyond “Studied at Gibbs High School.” Community college would be nice. Or perhaps working for someone who isn’t white. If anyone of any color will hire him after seeing his lovely comments.

Original story: ‘System has failed’: Crowds react to Zimmerman verdict.

Cable “news” and “distraction”

My issues with this analysis are:

1. All cable information networks do this. Not just Fox. Not even just the “news” networks.

2. It’s a stretch to say the mislabeled “R-” and “D-” graphics are part of a larger conspiracy. They’re more likely a result of spending everything on talking heads and nothing on a qualified news staff.

Other than that, interesting ideas:

Via Andrew Sullivan.

(And of course, it didn’t embed — just follow the link to Sullivan’s blog.)

Current iPod Top 10

Top 10 on my iPod since … maybe two years ago? Not sure when it last reset:

1. Gimme Sympathy, Metric, 166 plays

2. Tarantula, Smashing Pumpkins, 150

3. Panic Switch, Silversun Pickups, 119

4. Knights of Cydonia, Muse, 109

5. Sick Muse, Metric, 87 (no, that’s not a commentary on the band Muse)

6. You Spin Me Round, Dead or Alive, 83

7. Rope, Foo Fighters, 82

8. You Are a Tourist, Death Cab for Cutie, 76

9. Come Back, J. Geils Band, 75

10. Every 1’s a Winner, Hot Chocolate, 73

Rageahol: Patriot Act plus sequester equals poor speedskaters

rageaholMy former USA TODAY colleague Kelly Whiteside has a good story about a speedskater who had to apply for food stamps after her monthly stipend was cut:

For some Olympic hopefuls, funding is a hurdle.

To which Mr. William Mansfield replied:

It’s called sequester. Owebama brainchild in 2011 after he resigned the Patriot Act so he could watch those that disagree with his tactics.

Have we mentioned, as Kelly did, that the government has nothing to do with funding for speedskaters?

Despite Mr. Mansfield’s rageahol, speedskater Emily Scott suddenly raised $15,000.