How The Daily Show exposes propaganda for what it is

The first segment of this episode shows how the current right-wing punditocracy (which, I should say, does not necessarily represent the views of actual Republicans) is hung up on symbolism rather than policy. They actually admire Putin for being decisive. (And shirtless, apparently.) Then they call Obama a dictator for doing things a little less ruthless than sending troops to Crimea and lying about it.

Second segment: A pundit is thoroughly destroyed when he claims the USA’s health care system is the best.

Third segment: A thoughtful interview with a university professor about the situation in Ukraine.

I don’t care what your political views might be. This is must-see TV.

March 6, 2014 – Kimberly Marten | The Daily Show With Jon Stewart – Full Episode Video | Comedy Central.

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One Response to How The Daily Show exposes propaganda for what it is

  1. Otrazhenie says:

    Interesting to see Ukraine situation being included in that show. There is too much propaganda around with no real understanding of the situation there. Neil Clark provided a very good analysis of the media coverage – see at . Very thought provoking.

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