Random reads: Healthy Chipotle, life-crushing Tweets, astrology, creepy houses

“Chipotle unhealthy!” screamed the headlines this week. As Slate points out, that’s wrong.

Chipotle simply gives you the option of eating a lot of food. And that’s not an option you have to take. You can go for the bowl instead of the burrito, saving you the relatively empty calories of a giant flour tortilla. Or you can have the restraint to eat your speed bump-sized burrito in two servings.

The fillings themselves are pretty good. Meat and beans with a lot of protein. Good vegetables. Nothing wrong with that.

And you can figure out what you’re ingesting with ease. Check the nutrition calculator. Or just read the misleading headlines like Bloomberg’s “Chipotle Doesn’t Care That Burritos Make You Fat.”

Other fun stuff I’ve read this week but didn’t immediately share on Facebook:

– Like everyone else, I read the NYT Magazine piece, “How One Stupid Tweet Blew Up Justine Sacco’s Life,” which should be required reading in high school. The provocative piece leads to a productive discussion that isn’t quite simple. We should be able to respond to stupidity on Twitter, and I’ve often cheered when racist or sexist nonsense is exposed to the light of day. But people like Sacco deserve a bit of forgiveness, and there are other examples in the story of people losing livelihoods over one slip of the virtual tongue.

I don’t agree that we need to be blameless to cast the first stone. But maybe only the blameless can build a solid wall to keep the Saccos of the world out of polite society.

– This one’s scary: The number of Americans who think astrology has some sort of scientific basis is growing. Granted, the situation was worse when Nancy Reagan was in the White House.

– What’s omitted when MP3s and MP4s compress your favorite song or video? Find out with the “ghostly remains” of Suzanne Vega’s classic a cappella tune Tom’s Diner.

– Do “conservatives” in the modern USA typically favor “after-the-fact” solutions that cost more? The examples given here are climate change, health care, education and immigration.

– And finally, the funniest photo collection of the week — inexplicably terrible real estate pictures. I figure some of the houses would appeal to April and Andy on Parks and Rec.

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