Actual media bias: Conflict, close races

I won’t believe the election is over until it’s over, to paraphrase the great political philosopher Yogi Berra.

But if you think the media are veering wildly between the “President Clinton” narrative and the “still a close race” narrative, you’re not alone. And the numbers don’t back it up.

In a similar vein — remember when the race really was close? And remember the media coverage at the time — “Clinton is sick” was a bigger story than whatever Trump said on a given day?

It’s worth remembering — “the media” are neither inherently liberal nor conservative. (Nor libertarian, nor Green, nor socialist, nor whatever Trump is.) The media’s primary bias is to stay in business and make money.

And as much as Trump claims to hate CNN, he is also the network’s cash cow — this election is giving the network a $100 million boost over the typical election year, NPR reports.

“It’s certainly been a fun one to watch,” Anheuser-Busch exec Tracy Stallard told NPR.

Or maybe we just need more Anheuser-Busch products to get us through it.

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