Wednesday morning …

We don’t know what will happen Tuesday night. But we know what will happen Wednesday morning …

A teacher will put in extra effort to help a kid who is struggling.

An immigrant family with start a business while their kids thrive in school.

A home or business will plug into renewable energy.

A programmer will develop the next must-have app.

A soccer player will learn to keep his head up and look for passing options.

A psychiatrist will help someone cope with a condition that would have drawn only scorn, ridicule and confusion a couple of generations ago.

A single parent and her child will leave temporary housing for the homeless and move into a family home.

A student will marvel at something in a science class and be inspired to become an innovator.

A drummer will master the paradiddle.

A medical researcher will take one step closer toward a cure for leukemia.

A police officer will intercede in a domestic incident and keep everyone from getting hurt.

A parent will support and reassure a gay teen.

A journalist will overcome fear of math.

A lawyer will find the legal precedent to prevent a travesty.

A curler will complete a double takeout.

A researcher for John Oliver’s show will find a long-buried piece of information that sheds light on injustice.

A hospice nurse will make a terminally ill patient smile.

A Christian kid will sit next to a Muslim friend at lunch.

A man who spends too much time on Twitter will shut it down and get some work done.

A small business owner will run through the numbers and realize the family can keep saving money and still take a Disney vacation this year.

A plumber will find the source of that nagging leak and keep it from taking out the drywall.

A rescued dog at a shelter will meet a family that will take her home.

Because when we’re not yelling at each other or shooting each other, we get a lot done in this wonderful country.

And you can delay progress. You can prey on people’s fear, ignorance and prejudice (they walk hand in hand, Neil Peart wrote) and make them withdraw to the safety of their computer keyboards.

But you can’t stop progress. You can’t keep Americans from helping each other and innovating. You can’t keep the rest of the world from sharing its knowledge with us.

You can’t keep the entire human race from using its ingenuity and its compassion to make this a better place.

Someone will win Tuesday. The rest of us trying to make this world better will never be defeated.

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