Show me the evidence

Normally, I would side with someone at USA TODAY over Jay Rosen. No disrespect to Rosen, but I’ve disagreed with him on occasion, and USA TODAY is still a special place to me.

But Rosen’s absolutely right here in arguing with a USA TODAY editor (someone I don’t know) about how they reported a story that’s just an allegation with no shred of evidence: Evidence-based vs. accusation-driven reporting (with tweets) · jayrosen_nyu · Storify

The good news: This approach may already be changing. I saw a couple of headlines (NYT, CBS) responding to Trump’s “I would’ve won if millions of people hadn’t voted illegally” Tweet with a headline “Citing no evidence …”

That’s how it’s going to have to be from here on. And probably should’ve been since the days of McCarthy.

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