No, what happened in Iran is not a Good Thing

The number of Americans mourning the death of Qasem Soleimani might be in the dozens. I’m related to some Iranian-Americans, and they’ve never been apologists for the post-1979 regime. (Let’s not get into the 1953-1979 regime that we installed in yet another failed act of nation-building.)

But the condescending crew on Twitter trying to explain to people that Iranian ex-pats are happy to see this guy meet a violent end is missing the point.

Will Soleimani’s assassination make things better or worse?

The answer is easy. No.

Consider North Korea for a minute. If Kim Jong-un was suddenly removed, would anyone in the USA other than Dennis Rodman (and perhaps Donald Trump, depending on his current mood) be upset? Of course not. Would his death, presuming it wasn’t natural causes, bring stability to the world? Absolutely not.

In North Korea, another Kim would immediately pop up. And in Iran, we’ll soon see a new general emboldened by nationalist passion that we helped reinvigorate by violating their sovereignty and, you know, killing people.

So what has changed in this post-Soleimani world?

And for what?

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