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The Attack on Truth: Postmodernism and propaganda

In grad school, I worried that the same “postmodernist” tools that ivory-tower professors used to question reality were also being used by propaganda merchants to question climate change, evolution and so forth. I hate being right. But this Chronicle of … Continue reading

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Postmodernism and the media (rerun)

Just re-posting this so I can archive it: No, wait … don’t stop reading … I’ll try to make this readable. I’m no expert on postmodernism. I was just a part-time grad student, not a Ph.D. in English. Here’s what … Continue reading

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How left-wing relativism begat multi-wing bullshit

(Incidentally, I’ve set up a page on this site compiling the links I find on bullshit. Nominations welcome, as you can tell from what I’ve written here, all corners of the sociopolitical fringe are welcome.) Every once in a while, … Continue reading

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On gender, bubbles, sociology and prejudice

There’s a fine line between prejudice and sociology. I can’t remember when I first said that, and I can’t remember if someone else said it first. Google can’t help me with that because the thought somehow got in my head … Continue reading

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The media’s role in climate-change denialism

False objectivity, postmodernism, getting “both sides” — by any name, it’s a problem: As Kenner sees it, on any issue, there are typically three groups: true believers; nonbelievers; and the vast, confused middle. It’s not the middle’s fault it’s confused: … Continue reading

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Blogging and the human mind

This one’s making the rounds (kottke and elsewhere): “Blogging makes us more oriented toward …” Claim-by-claim … 1. “more oriented toward an intellectual bottom line” Is this a good thing? If it means bloggers have finely tuned bullshit detectors, that’s … Continue reading

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Song review: Primus

There are some songs I like because they’re breathtaking works of art. Then there’s Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver, a typically eccentric Primus song in which Les Claypool scats about an ornery but lovable animal. Primus is one of those bands … Continue reading

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Back to the public journalism debate

Two issues of note: Are politicians, particularly those in the current administration, letting their political and/or religious beliefs get in the way of science? Lex, as usual, takes a nice objective look at the issue. (As a former grad student, … Continue reading

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