This blog started as Mostly Modern Music. When I realized I was mixing in too many posts on TV and journalism for the “mostly” part to be accurate, I flipped it to Mostly Modern Media.

“Modern” can be taken a couple of ways. I’m focusing on “modern” media in the sense that you won’t find much here about music or journalism before, say, 1965. But it’s also “modern” in the sense that I’m a little skeptical of the “postmodern” — which could mean anything from today’s music (blech) to Web 2.0 (depends on the application).

That just means I’m stuck at a certain age. Too old to hip-hop and moan, to young to remember Woodstock.

If you find yourself thinking, “Hey, I’d love to read a thesis by this guy,” go right ahead. I wrote it in 2000, but I think it’s still somewhat current.

If you’re not all that interested in reading a thesis, you’re in the right place, because I have no intention of repeating it. This is mostly music. And TV. And other stuff. Enjoy.

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