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The math that crushes conspiracy theories

I recently wrote a piece for The Guardian on the rebirth of Flat Earth-ism. The piece did really well — the “Shares” counter on the story now has reset after going well into the multiple thousands. Flat Earth theory is dependent on … Continue reading

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Ayn Rand entry still lacks Rush’s thoughts

p The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy’s entry on Ayn Rand has been revised, and the words “Rush,” “Peart” and “2112” still do not appear. Spoilsports. ICYMI: Neil Peart has offered several repudiations of modern Rand followers, especially Rand Paul.

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Cable-channel ID creep and pandering to the masses

MTV doesn’t show videos. (Not often, anyway.) Neither does VH1. A&E doesn’t show a lot of arts and entertainment. Even The Weather Channel has a lot of shows that aren’t really about the weather. So maybe it’s a little heartening … Continue reading

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Las Vegas, Sheldon Adelson and an awkward story to report

Mysterious assignments from unseen owners. A byline by a name no one seems to know, arriving just after the assignments were completed. An anonymous sale. This is the strangest story about a newspaper I’ve ever read. The fact that it’s … Continue reading

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Baby it’s creepy inside

Via Splitsider, see SNL alum turned prime-time player Casey Wilson and Mr. Show alum Scott Aukerman bringing the creepy date-rape subtext of Baby, It’s Cold Outside to the fore. The performances are brilliant. And if you want a lighter satire of this … Continue reading

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Taking the gun debate beyond the simple slogans

Does a “good guy with a gun” really stand a chance of stopping a bad guy with a gun? A couple of quality media outlets have taken a hard look. Start with The Daily Show, in the best bit I’ve … Continue reading

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Revisiting the messiest Yes album — Union!

I’m not much of a podcast listener. Perhaps it’s because I spend little time commuting, or perhaps I rarely find a podcast I prefer to turning up my favorite music. But one I can enthusiastically recommend is the aptly named … Continue reading

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