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Random reads: Healthy Chipotle, life-crushing Tweets, astrology, creepy houses

“Chipotle unhealthy!” screamed the headlines this week. As Slate points out, that’s wrong. Chipotle simply gives you the option of eating a lot of food. And that’s not an option you have to take. You can go for the bowl instead … Continue reading

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Top 10 overrated and underrated Saturday Night Live stars on Rolling Stone’s list

With the 40th anniversary celebration of Saturday Night Live coming up, we’re seeing a lot of listicles. Rolling Stone went to extremes, ranking nearly everyone who was ever in the cast. The best part of the list is that it’s relatively snark-free. Some talented … Continue reading

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Strange reads du jour: Feb. 9

This might be a regular feature. Or irregular. It’s all the things I would normally share on Facebook but don’t want to do one post at a time because that would overwhelm everyone’s timelines, like my buddies who live-tweet basketball … Continue reading

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Real-life Spinal Tap moments

I recently read one of Rick Wakeman’s books, and he tells the story of Alan White inspiring the “stuck in the pod” moment. In a Yes concert, White was indeed stuck in a pod. That’s No. 1 on this list … Continue reading

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The preview for every Blacklist episode

Tonight on an all-new, really confusing episode of The Blacklist … The information that keeps civilization alive is kept on a black-sited prison that inexplicably houses that information along with the world’s most dangerous criminals. So Red gets inside the prison … … Continue reading

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6 Ways to Keep Terrorists From Ruining the World |

Shared this on Facebook, and I’m sharing it again here because it’s brilliant. 6 Ways to Keep Terrorists From Ruining the World | Remember when Cracked was just a silly Mad clone? Now its editor writes something that recasts … Continue reading

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Journalism from North Korea: Worth the trade-off?

The AP has what the Washington Post calls the only Western reporter regularly in North Korea — a 53-year-old American named Eric Talmadge. And the Post story sees some pros and cons to the situation. Pros: He can throw cold water … Continue reading

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