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Link Dump, 5-22-16: Emerson/Tufnel, the death of facts

If I shared everything I read, I would have such a high volume of social media output that no one would follow me any more. So, on occasion, I’m going to do what I’m calling “Link Dump.” It’s a potpourri … Continue reading

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The long slow death of the copy desk

My first journalism job was on a copy desk. I still think it’s great training for anything else you could do in journalism and other careers. Some megablogs (Bleacher Report) have actually recognized the value of having experienced editors around. Some … Continue reading

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The Guardian analyzes its comments

One thing I learned from this piece: I have a higher threshold for what comments to block than The Guardian does. But maybe that’s why USA TODAY’s comments were never as clever as The Guardian’s. One thing I unfortunately already … Continue reading

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Reporting with the enemy: AP and Nazi Germany

It’s an age-old question in journalism: What sort of trade to you make for access? We see it in relatively mundane situations like the recent Ariel Helwani news, where Helwani — whose full-time gig is with MMA Fighting, and he’s excellent … Continue reading

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Does advertising work? Ask Joe Izuzu

The biggest issue facing journalism today is simple: How will we get people to pay for content? Particularly quality content that requires things like “reporting” and “research”? “Advertising” would be the easy answer. We can target ads in much more … Continue reading

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Telling the truth about depression

Powerful read here in the Post: I told the truth in my sister’s obituary, so that others might choose to live. The truth was that her sister didn’t just “die unexpectedly.” She suffered from depression and took her own life. A … Continue reading

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Meg Gunn Dure: 1947-2016

“The last of the Southern belles.” That’s how Dad described Meg Gunn when he broke the news that he had asked her to marry him after a “whirlwind courtship” (Miss Meg’s words) in 1997. She certainly had the requisite grace … Continue reading

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