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Actual media bias: Conflict, close races

I won’t believe the election is over until it’s over, to paraphrase the great political philosopher Yogi Berra. But if you think the media are veering wildly between the “President Clinton” narrative and the “still a close race” narrative, you’re … Continue reading

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Want to save the Republican Party? Drain the right-wing media swamp. – The Washington Post

The bottom line: Facts matter. And propaganda is dangerous. I’m less worried about saving the Republican Party — unfortunately, I think it can keep getting people elected by casting doubt on experts for another couple of decades at least. I’m … Continue reading

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The best Canadian songs ever

I heard the Sloan song Underwhelmed today, which naturally made me think of the best Canadian songs ever. Apparently, the CBC made a list of 100 in 2004. (The CBC site has redesigned, so I couldn’t find the original.) Some of it makes sense. … Continue reading

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Skepticism vs. cynicism

One common thread in a lot of current discussions in politics and sports — we are cynical. We either immediately agree or disagree with whatever we hear. Cynicism is dangerous. Skepticism is much better. This piece puts it well: “The difference between … Continue reading

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Print rules, digital drools? Well …

Great quote in this POLITICO piece on the joy of newsprint: “The print edition consistently leads me to unexpected stories I might have otherwise missed,” agrees Inc. Executive Editor Jon Fine. “I find digital editions and websites don’t have the … Continue reading

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Journalists, merchants of fear

I thought this story about anxiety would recycle some complaints about Big Pharma and psychiatry. Nope. As it turns out, we journalists are the ones who are profiting on the misery of our customers. In other words, I feel a … Continue reading

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Good riddance, Nancy Grace

There are now studies, pop science books, and school-mandated PSAs disseminated to prevent the sort of relentless, torch-’em-first, get-facts-later culture of overnight internet hate mobs gaslighting citizens for alleged misdeeds. But do not get it mixed up: Nancy Grace wrote … Continue reading

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