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The Internet — a global force for go- … OK, evil

In 1995, a perceptive astronomer named Clifford Stoll warned that the Internet was going to open a gateway to a flood of misinformation and hostility. In 2010, Stoll hopped into a conversation about his supposed error. The Mission’s Rob Howard … Continue reading

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The death throes of the reasonable media?

Thomas Frank has a pessimistic view of the media’s “war on Trump” that raises quite a few good points: Groupthink has got to go. Being in constant “Trump in crisis” mode is a sure way to make the public tune … Continue reading

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Font-ification and political scandal

The font I often use on my Google Drive documents (Calibri) is at the center of a political scandal. How? The (allegedly forged) documents from 2006 submitted by Maryam Nawaz (daughter of PM Nawaz Sharif) were in the Calibri font. … Continue reading

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Republican on Rand vs. reality

Quote of the year, at least when it comes to economics and philosophy: “I loved Ayn Rand when I was 18 — before I had children and figured out how the world really works. That’s not how it works, as … Continue reading

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“Inclusive!” “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Gay pride parade organizers in Chicago pride themselves on being inclusive. Except, apparently, in this case: Demonstrators carrying Star of David flags kicked out of Chicago Dyke March. The situation might be more complicated than you’re going to see on cable … Continue reading

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Bloggers 1, British tabloids 1

Good look here at how a blogger doing a deep dive into research helped sway the British election to be a lot closer than The Sun and the Daily Mail would’ve wanted: How Newspapers Lost Their Monopoly On Influencing Voters … Continue reading

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The actual divide in this country, illustrated

Forget rural vs. urban. Forget left vs. right. Forget rich vs. poor (both of which have been convinced to vote against their self-interests, anyway). Here’s the divide in this country: Duke course catalog, Statistics 642: Statistical models for modeling, monitoring, … Continue reading

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