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The death of “hashtag activism”

I’ve had a few discussions with my journalism colleagues about whether hashtags do any good (aside from letting people join a specific discussion) or whether trending topics mean anything. As evidence, I can always point to anything that’s trending at a … Continue reading

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Daytime TV, a quick survey

In case you worry about American civilization, here’s a quick scan of my TV options at 1 p.m. … CW local affiliate, The Test: It seems two girlfriends have moved in with the same guy. At least one of them has a … Continue reading

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Why FiveThirtyEight will save objective journalism

The medium may not be the message, to cite the Marshall McLuhan quote no one really understands. But a new medium can be a game-changer, particularly when it comes to whether news will be based in fact, speculation, or punditry. … Continue reading

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MIchigan, the GOP and why we can’t have nice things

The telling sentence from a compelling profile of Michigan Gov. Rich Snyder. Snyder, he says, is admired among Washington Republicans for making tough political decisions and facing challenges head on, but his lack of grandstanding means he’s not generating … Continue reading

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How The Daily Show exposes propaganda for what it is

The first segment of this episode shows how the current right-wing punditocracy (which, I should say, does not necessarily represent the views of actual Republicans) is hung up on symbolism rather than policy. They actually admire Putin for being decisive. … Continue reading

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Reason No. 478 to do away with unsigned editorials, Washington Post edition

I’ve been arguing with people on Facebook that if they’re going to blame Obama for what’s going on in Ukraine, they need to offer an alternative or at least offer a specific criticism. Here, The Washington Post editorial board does … Continue reading

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Washington Post: Hurray for sleep deprivation!

Hey — no one put out a nifty blog post when we folks had to work the overnight hours … WaPo Overnight News Team, Assemble! – FishbowlDC.

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5 reasons why you shouldn’t work too hard

Great work here from Brigid Schulte, pointing out the dubious rewards of working too hard: 5 reasons why you shouldn’t work too hard. Ties in with a question I’ve had in my head: If we have a lot of people … Continue reading

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The incredible shrinking news-org hierarchy

The new whatever-it-is with Glenn Greenwald, the crusading journalist now known best for the Edward Snowden/NSA matter of interest, could revolutionize journalism in a sense that has nothing to do with the controversial content it’s sure to have. It could … Continue reading

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How ‘Reality Bites’ and the dictionary screw up irony

It’s no longer funny to dump on the Alanis Morissette song Ironic. It’s been done, ad nauseam. We get it — rain on your wedding day is not ironic. But Alanis isn’t to blame for a generation’s misuse of the term. I … Continue reading

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