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Link Dump, 6-25-16: Toss a sacred cow on the grill

Happy summer to everyone … SACRED COWS Worst president ever: Harding? Pierce? Fillmore? Carter? Bush 43? How about Ronald Reagan? That’s the nominee from Cracked’s Adam Tod Brown, who cites corruption, the inequality of Reaganomics, the union-crushing that hurt the … Continue reading

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Consent: Unconscious people don’t want tea, OK?

Being an optimistic person, I’m hoping the fallout from the Brock Turner rape case (you know the one — the Stanford swimmer sentenced to only six months in jail, with all the letters from family and friends saying he’s a … Continue reading

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Corporate social media — an oxymoron?

When your company is savaged on John Oliver’s show, wouldn’t you want to respond? Companies have so many tools to do so these days. The days of tossing press releases to overloaded newsroom fax machines are long gone. We have … Continue reading

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Link Dump, 5-31-16: The Libertarian moment

I neglected to promote last week’s Link Dump, which had a fun video linking Keith Emerson to Nigel Tufnel, along with a few pieces on the death of facts. Not as much to share today, but I have a couple … Continue reading

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Link Dump, 5-22-16: Emerson/Tufnel, the death of facts

If I shared everything I read, I would have such a high volume of social media output that no one would follow me any more. So, on occasion, I’m going to do what I’m calling “Link Dump.” It’s a potpourri … Continue reading

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The long slow death of the copy desk

My first journalism job was on a copy desk. I still think it’s great training for anything else you could do in journalism and other careers.┬áSome megablogs (Bleacher Report) have actually recognized the value of having experienced editors around. Some … Continue reading

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The Guardian analyzes its comments

One thing I learned from this piece: I have a higher threshold for what comments to block than The Guardian does. But maybe that’s why USA TODAY’s comments were never as clever as The Guardian’s. One thing I unfortunately already … Continue reading

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