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A “30 Rock”-style Muppet Show?

Sounds good to me … ABC’s ‘Muppets’ Revival Will Be a “More Adult” Mockumentary Style Show | Splitsider.

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How I got W3 Total Cache and WPTouch to co-exist

Years ago, I was ahead of the new media curve. Now, I’m not. I confess that I did not have a mobile-friendly theme for until Google sent me the notice that I needed to do that or my site … Continue reading

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A thought on learning

Slightly out of context from the piece as a whole, which is full of caution about grad school, but this is brilliantly written: Society only exists because brains can learn, but academia is the only part of society that acts … Continue reading

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Michigan “American Sniper” controversy is about taste, not freedom

A headline writer at Brown’s newspaper needs a lesson in reading comprehension. Either that, or he/she figured “Universities shouldn’t speak freely” would be a nice clickbait headline for a nuanced piece on Michigan’s decision to show, then not show, then … Continue reading

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Our job: BS detectors

Yet another ethical issue: How to report on popular purveyors of scientific nonsense without ended up giving them even more exposure — that is, spreading the disease of misinformation in the process of trying to wipe it out. Reporting on … Continue reading

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Does a TV series have to last to be successful?

For once, I agree with the critics. The Last Man on Earth was terrific for its first couple of episodes and then quickly went off a cliff. Just when it became too much for Will Forte to do on his own, they … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart: The last journalist?

At Popdose, Dw. Dunphy uses the Daily Show transition as a launching point for a sharp critique of the profit-driven cowardly news media, obsessed with landing big interviews rather than doing anything constructive with them: In the messed-up, funhouse world of news … Continue reading

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