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The brilliant WKRP Thanksgiving episode

We can all say the closing line together: As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly But there are so many great moments in this episode. When I rewatched bits of it yesterday, I loved the reactions of … Continue reading

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The perilous politics of Saturday Night Live

As much as Saturday Night Live seems like a dream job, everything I’ve read about the sink-or-swim culture at 30 Rock makes me think I could never have survived. That culture haunted one-time Weekend Update auditioner Marc Maron for a couple of decades. Maron … Continue reading

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Remembering a side trip in Italy and a departed colleague

Getting lost in the Italian Alps can be scary. Getting lost in the Italian Alps around 1 a.m. is that much scarier. That’s what happened to me at the erratically organized 2006 Olympics. I had two “off” times — one … Continue reading

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Teddy Dure: 2001/02? – 2015

We weren’t expecting to get a dog that day. Sure, we were looking for a dog to bring home. But we had just gone through a demoralizing process with another dog agency. A Duke friend of mine, a wonderfully generous … Continue reading

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Web hipsters think pretending to be racist to rile up “SJWs” is funny

We get it. The #BoycottStarWarsVII hashtag started as a joke to see how many people could be offended. Here’s the problem: It’s not funny to pretend to be racist when there are no contextual clues telling us you’re pretending. Let … Continue reading

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Chrissie Hynde and the death of nuance

“That’s a nuanced position, Beau,” said someone on Facebook recently. Then he restated the question as a binary yes/no. Funny, I took “nuanced” as a compliment. He apparently didn’t. But I’m used to that. If you’re part of a small subset … Continue reading

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On media hysteria and solutions

Hey, remember Ebola? All the panic? All the breathless accusations because Obama didn’t instantly … I don’t know … build a giant dome over Africa? Much of the coverage and much of the political response was over-the-top. Most of us … Continue reading

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