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When good economic results happen to bad presidents

Washington Post headline: Jobs in manufacturing are indeed up and we have no idea how to fit this into the narrative that the world is about to die under Trump. (Or something like that.) I wish the story had pointed … Continue reading

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Fascism and the free press

Let’s take a look at a couple of concurrent things … First: Many news organizations have fought back against Trump’s anti-journalist incitements.  A Poynter roundup opened with a good statement of purpose. Yes, the Trumpistas will simply yell and scream … Continue reading

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Goodbye Twitter, at least for now …

I’ve been harassed on Twitter. Not to the extent of Sandy Hook families or female journalists. But just enough to know what it’s like. I can hardly imagine what other people go through. And it’s clear — from the Rose … Continue reading

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Best 100 TV episodes of the century … sort of

I got one-third of the way through The Ringer’s list of the top 100 TV episodes of the century and figured I should do a post on it. So as I start this, I have no idea what’s to come … Continue reading

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gniksam sdrawkcab fo noitanimaxe nA

Two posts this month, each one a reaction to an Ultimate Classic Rock post. Maybe I need to diversify my reading? This one is on backwards-masking. Remember that? Remember when millions of kids played Led Zeppelin backwards and grew up … Continue reading

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Reviewing the “Every Rush song ranked” article

I thought I took on a massive task when I reviewed every Rush album through 2008 (see most of the “rush” category here). I didn’t realize until today that I’d forgotten to review Clockwork Angels, so I’ll do so here: It’s … Continue reading

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The “Life of Brian” debate, nearly 40 years later

Having spent a day on the soccer fields and being ready to think about anything other than soccer, I watched something I’ve been meaning to watch for years — a legendary BBC program in which John Cleese and Michael Palin … Continue reading

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