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Old-guard GOP offers to fix problem GOP thinks doesn’t exist: climate change

Ted Halstead of the Climate Leadership Council says the political left and right have stalled on climate action in part because they disagreed about the means to fixing the problem. I’d argue it’s because the right has convinced its followers … Continue reading

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A new category of lies

These are not ordinary lies. These are meta-lies, second-order lies, lies about the very institutions vouchsafed with testing and examining the truthfulness of political statements.This reckless disregard of reality reveals an unusual quality to Trump’s lying. Other presidents lied to … Continue reading

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No, terrorists are not racing through U.S. airports

Let’s talk about deliberate misinformation for a minute. Here’s the myth du jour: The travel ban / Muslim ban / airport advisory is the only bulwark between the good old USA and tons of terrorists disguised as refugees. The facts: … Continue reading

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What SHOULD be the lead Trump story today …

The stories about Trump and Spicer embellishing the inauguration crowd are important because they show how brazen these folks are willing to be about lying. Sure, plenty of politicians have lied — it’s the big black mark on the Clinton legacy — … Continue reading

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Local news outlets vs. propaganda pushers

A large group of local media outlets is taking an aggressive stance against so-called fake news. Best of luck. Source: Local news vows to fight fake news, halt business with ‘propaganda pushers’

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Journalists’ fight against propagandists begins in earnest

I’m proud to write for The Guardian, and I’m glad to see they’ve responded to a Breitbart onslaught with a calm but firm statement of the facts. Let’s be absolutely clear. This is not “left wing” vs. “right wing.” The two … Continue reading

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What would Jesus investigate?

Sharp letter from a Christian journalist to evangelical media-bashers: Your quick dismissal of the entire “mainstream media” feels deeply inaccurate to me as a Christian and a journalist — at least the kind of Christianity I was raised on, where the … Continue reading

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