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Great moments in bad reporting, climate change/Ice Age edition

You may have seen some reports recently about the “Mini Ice Age” coming up in the 2030s, and you may have wondered why this wasn’t reported anywhere beyond sensationalist UK newspapers and conservative U.S. media. It’s not a conspiracy. It’s … Continue reading

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Rolling Stone and Rush mythbusting

On its 40th anniversary tour, Rush has officially broken down the last of the rock establishment’s resistance. They’re on the cover of Rolling Stone. Even better, the article is terrific. It doesn’t just rehash the band’s history. It captures them as a … Continue reading

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The Attack on Truth: Postmodernism and propaganda

In grad school, I worried that the same “postmodernist” tools that ivory-tower professors used to question reality were also being used by propaganda merchants to question climate change, evolution and so forth. I hate being right. But this Chronicle of … Continue reading

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Rush: Retire? Residency?

What do you do with a band full of guys in their 60s who keep getting better? I saw Rush for the sixth time (I think — I may have lost count) last night, and it was the best Rush show … Continue reading

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Is Fox News irrelevant?

That’s what the iconoclastic Jack Shafer implies. The reliably liberal Frank Rich appreciates better than most that Fox’s essential harmlessness. In a piece published last year in New York, he concluded more than that aside from infuriating liberals, Fox flexes … Continue reading

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Sunday reading list: May 17

Sharing links that would otherwise clog up my Facebook feed: – Stress is good for you. I SAID STRESS IS GOOD FOR YOU! – Thou shalt not bear false witness, unless you’re trying to uphold a theocracy. – Our punditocracy (not … Continue reading

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Great Britain is dead — long live isolated England?

Is anyone a little nervous about the increased likelihood of Scottish secession and maybe a reduced English role in Europe? The end of Great Britain: Why David Cameron’s Conservative victory could change the country forever.. I just wish the coverage … Continue reading

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