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Is Fox News irrelevant?

That’s what the iconoclastic Jack Shafer implies. The reliably liberal Frank Rich appreciates better than most that Fox’s essential harmlessness. In a piece published last year in New York, he concluded more than that aside from infuriating liberals, Fox flexes … Continue reading

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Sunday reading list: May 17

Sharing links that would otherwise clog up my Facebook feed: – Stress is good for you. I SAID STRESS IS GOOD FOR YOU! – Thou shalt not bear false witness, unless you’re trying to uphold a theocracy. – Our punditocracy (not … Continue reading

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Great Britain is dead — long live isolated England?

Is anyone a little nervous about the increased likelihood of Scottish secession and maybe a reduced English role in Europe? The end of Great Britain: Why David Cameron’s Conservative victory could change the country forever.. I just wish the coverage … Continue reading

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Amy Schumer and the best season of comedy ever

I once saw a really creepy guy approach an attractive young woman on the Metro. She responded as politely as she could a couple of times, then lost herself back in her headphones as he oozed slimy lust. When it … Continue reading

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Before and after Spinal Tap — Bad News

I always enjoyed the short mockumentary Bad News Tour, which was actually released shortly before This Is Spinal Tap. It was a Comic Strip production featuring a lot of the regulars — three of the four Young Ones, plus Jennifer … Continue reading

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Ann Hammond Dure: 1939-1995

My mom was a prolific writer. Most of her writing exists today in longhand, in her distinctive but usually legible cursive, sometimes written with felt-tip pens in unusual colors. (Yay, purple.) Some of her writing has come into my possession … Continue reading

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Share jobs, have productive hobbies

We in the modern West have vocations and avocations, and they get in each other’s way. They don’t have to, and they probably shouldn’t. Instead of having a few people working themselves to death while others are out of work, … Continue reading

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