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Is Washington Post going Twitter teenagers on us?

This attempt by Petula Dvorak to pull together random bad things that happened at UVA into some sort of grand statement — with or without tongue in cheek — is one of the most reprehensible things I’ve ever seen under … Continue reading

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Paul Jeffrey, Duke jazzman

I was in over my head. I knew it, and so did the man sitting across the desk from me. He was a legitimate jazz man who ran in the same circles as Thelonious Monk and Sonny Rollins. I was … Continue reading

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How to name a bass player

One little cottage industry on YouTube is the phenomenon of “covers.” Instead of a full band playing a cover version of a song, it’s usually a drummer, guitarist or bassist playing along with a favored track. One star in this … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s weird news

Too many interesting links for one Facebook post today: A Durst mixup, Gannett spending, and the end (for now) of a walking metaphor for going mad with power. – AP confused murder defendant Robert Durst with Limp Bizkit frontman Fred … Continue reading

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The media’s role in climate-change denialism

False objectivity, postmodernism, getting “both sides” — by any name, it’s a problem: As Kenner sees it, on any issue, there are typically three groups: true believers; nonbelievers; and the vast, confused middle. It’s not the middle’s fault it’s confused: … Continue reading

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The value of a four-year college

Three weeks into my symbolic logic class, I realized I didn’t belong. It certainly seemed like a good idea to take it. I was a philosophy major, and I had aced logic. Loved it. Breezed through it. I slowly realized … Continue reading

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Random reads: Healthy Chipotle, life-crushing Tweets, astrology, creepy houses

“Chipotle unhealthy!” screamed the headlines this week. As Slate points out, that’s wrong. Chipotle simply gives you the option of eating a lot of food. And that’s not an option you have to take. You can go for the bowl instead … Continue reading

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