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The “Life of Brian” debate, nearly 40 years later

Having spent a day on the soccer fields and being ready to think about anything other than soccer, I watched something I’ve been meaning to watch for years — a legendary BBC program in which John Cleese and Michael Palin … Continue reading

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Link Dump, 5-22-16: Emerson/Tufnel, the death of facts

If I shared everything I read, I would have such a high volume of social media output that no one would follow me any more. So, on occasion, I’m going to do what I’m calling “Link Dump.” It’s a potpourri … Continue reading

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Baby it’s creepy inside

Via Splitsider, see SNL alum turned prime-time player Casey Wilson and Mr. Show alum Scott Aukerman bringing the creepy date-rape subtext of Baby, It’s Cold Outside to the fore. The performances are brilliant. And if you want a lighter satire of this … Continue reading

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Best of 2015 comedy: Amy Schumer, of course

I don’t quite agree with looking at the best and worst of 2015 U.S. comedy strictly through the lens of gender, but it’s tough to argue with this Guardian piece hailing Amy Schumer’s brilliance this year. I’d also subscribe to a YouTube … Continue reading

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How Jon Stewart changed the media … CNN, at least

When a comedian hands you your ass on a plate, the best way to respond it to learn from it: Stewart clearly has had an impact on other media careers and decisions, most notably on the termination of the political … Continue reading

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Looking Back at ‘NewsRadio’s Perfect Pilot – Splitsider

Looking Back at ‘NewsRadio’s Perfect Pilot – Splitsider. I love NewsRadio, but I disagree. The pilot is a little clumsy — watch the “Catherine” character and Joe Rogan’s predecessor in particular. The pilot of Cheers, mentioned in the story, is indeed perfect, … Continue reading

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Great Britain is dead — long live isolated England?

Is anyone a little nervous about the increased likelihood of Scottish secession and maybe a reduced English role in Europe? The end of Great Britain: Why David Cameron’s Conservative victory could change the country forever.. I just wish the coverage … Continue reading

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