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How Jon Stewart changed the media … CNN, at least

When a comedian hands you your ass on a plate, the best way to respond it to learn from it: Stewart clearly has had an impact on other media careers and decisions, most notably on the termination of the political … Continue reading

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Looking Back at ‘NewsRadio’s Perfect Pilot – Splitsider

Looking Back at ‘NewsRadio’s Perfect Pilot – Splitsider. I love NewsRadio, but I disagree. The pilot is a little clumsy — watch the “Catherine” character and Joe Rogan’s predecessor in particular. The pilot of Cheers, mentioned in the story, is indeed perfect, … Continue reading

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Great Britain is dead — long live isolated England?

Is anyone a little nervous about the increased likelihood of Scottish secession and maybe a reduced English role in Europe? The end of Great Britain: Why David Cameron’s Conservative victory could change the country forever.. I just wish the coverage … Continue reading

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Amy Schumer and the best season of comedy ever

I once saw a really creepy guy approach an attractive young woman on the Metro. She responded as politely as she could a couple of times, then lost herself back in her headphones as he oozed slimy lust. When it … Continue reading

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Before and after Spinal Tap — Bad News

I always enjoyed the short mockumentary Bad News Tour, which was actually released shortly before This Is Spinal Tap. It was a Comic Strip production featuring a lot of the regulars — three of the four Young Ones, plus Jennifer … Continue reading

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Does a TV series have to last to be successful?

For once, I agree with the critics. The Last Man on Earth was terrific for its first couple of episodes and then quickly went off a cliff. Just when it became too much for Will Forte to do on his own, they … Continue reading

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Top 10 overrated and underrated Saturday Night Live stars on Rolling Stone’s list

With the 40th anniversary celebration of Saturday Night Live coming up, we’re seeing a lot of listicles. Rolling Stone went to extremes, ranking nearly everyone who was ever in the cast. The best part of the list is that it’s relatively snark-free. Some talented … Continue reading

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