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Want to save the Republican Party? Drain the right-wing media swamp. – The Washington Post

The bottom line: Facts matter. And propaganda is dangerous. I’m less worried about saving the Republican Party — unfortunately, I think it can keep getting people elected by casting doubt on experts for another couple of decades at least. I’m … Continue reading

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Chrissie Hynde and the death of nuance

“That’s a nuanced position, Beau,” said someone on Facebook recently. Then he restated the question as a binary yes/no. Funny, I took “nuanced” as a compliment. He apparently didn’t. But I’m used to that. If you’re part of a small subset … Continue reading

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Conscious Capitalism: An antidote for cynicism?

I saw a few books on “Conscious Capitalism” at The Container Store yesterday, in a display next to works by like-minded CEOs. Call me naive, but I was thrilled to see it. I’m under no illusion that such movements attract … Continue reading

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Why we believe utter crap

Are we doomed to believe things that are demonstrably false? Brendan Nyhan (Dukie!) has devoted much of his career to fighting falsehoods, and he is depressed by a three-year study he conducted to try change beliefs on vaccination: The first … Continue reading

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Why cynics are suckers

Cynicism is not intelligence. Cynicism is the coward’s way of dealing with life. It provides easy scapegoats when things go wrong. It provides an excuse not to care about people or entities who are imperfect. It doesn’t help the cynic’s … Continue reading

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Politico and the slow, agonizing death of journalism

Those of you who think the issues in political journalism are simply about “bias” should really read this: The New Republic gives Politico’s editors enough rope with which to hang themselves, getting no apologies whatsoever for focusing on day-to-day crap. … Continue reading

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Want to get famous? Sue The Oatmeal!

It’s an old story: 1. Lawyer reviews Aggregation Site, finds that Creative Site has complained about Aggregation Site’s copyright infringement. 2. Lawyer demands Creative Site send Aggregation Site $20,000, or else we’ll all to court. 3. Creative Site tells lawyer … Continue reading

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