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The actual divide in this country, illustrated

Forget rural vs. urban. Forget left vs. right. Forget rich vs. poor (both of which have been convinced to vote against their self-interests, anyway). Here’s the divide in this country: Duke course catalog, Statistics 642: Statistical models for modeling, monitoring, … Continue reading

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Duke majors today

Looked up a few things on colleges today and found an interesting stat — the number of degrees Duke conferred in 2015-16 by major. I’m not sure how it accounts for double majors, but either way, it’s an interesting stat. My … Continue reading

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Real-life high school lesson in why journalism works

The other lesson here: When reporters find someone’s credentials are not what they seem, maybe it’s a good idea to listen. Source: These high school journalists investigated a new principal’s credentials. Days later, she resigned. – The Washington Post

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Did I waste my college opportunity?

In two months, if all goes well and schedule permits, I will attend my 25-year reunion at Duke. I never really wanted to go anywhere else for college. In high school, I had a list of schools that mildly interested … Continue reading

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A thought on learning

Slightly out of context from the piece as a whole, which is full of caution about grad school, but this is brilliantly written: Society only exists because brains can learn, but academia is the only part of society that acts … Continue reading

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The value of a four-year college

Three weeks into my symbolic logic class, I realized I didn’t belong. It certainly seemed like a good idea to take it. I was a philosophy major, and I had aced logic. Loved it. Breezed through it. I slowly realized … Continue reading

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Liberal arts are not optional

Math and science are absolutely important. I’m appalled when I see journalists who don’t grasp basic math concepts and when I see people post scientific nonsense. The irony here is that liberal arts grads may often have a better respect for … Continue reading

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