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New in sort-of radio: All Festivus, all the time

Yes, Pandora now has a Seinfeld-inspired ‘Festivus’ station. I’m listening to it, and so far, I’m a little disappointed. It’s stand-up comedy that isn’t as good as other Pandora comedy channels. But maybe it’ll pick up in time for the Airing … Continue reading

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Strange reads du jour: Feb. 9

This might be a regular feature. Or irregular. It’s all the things I would normally share on Facebook but don’t want to do one post at a time because that would overwhelm everyone’s timelines, like my buddies who live-tweet basketball … Continue reading

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Potpourri: Boggle vs. Scrabble, the Bible, SNL meets EPL

So many links, not enough time … 1. With all due respect to fellow sports wordsmith Stefan Fatsis, I agree with this Slate writer: Boggle is better than Scrabble. 2. Lex points out the counterproductivity of current food stamp ideology. … Continue reading

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Why doesn’t MTV play music videos? Don’t ask

Crude but effective. (Translated: This has a lot of Not Safe for Work language and hand gestures, but it absolutely captures the demographic and technological trends that govern MTV’s current programming. And it’s really funny.)  

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The Oatmeal doesn’t take the law into his own hands – he takes it to charity

It’ll be difficult to sum up the case of FunnyJunk v The Oatmeal any better than The Oatmeal does. It’s your standard “cartoonist complains about work being stolen, accused content thief gets all huffy, cartoonist laughs a little and lets … Continue reading

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Yes, I need that ASAP, but I want you to know that I value you as a person

Really funny story from Dar Williams as she introduces one of her classics:

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Cricket: Part of a subtle plot to distract America from Obama’s Islamosociafascism

So say the comments on this piece about the growth of cricket in the D.C. area. Cricket in the United States: popularity grows – The Washington Post.

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