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The life of a freelance writer in comic form

Sometimes crude, always truthful. The Oatmeal captures it perfectly. Some thoughts and musings about making things for the web – The Oatmeal.

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Halifax Media tells new employees to sign non-compete agreement | JIMROMENESKO.COM

So you’re scraping by on the money the NYT has been paying you — enough to live reasonably well, not enough to save a whole heck of a lot. Then your paper gets sold. You hold your breath and find … Continue reading

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Most popular stories of the year (among those I wrote)

After some year-end number-crunching, here’s what people read — and what they overlooked: Top stories: 1. U.S. women rout New Zealand to reach quarterfinals. Not surprising in the sense that it’s Olympic women’s soccer, which accounts for most of these. … Continue reading

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I’m back, baby

Check out the story I wrote on my first day back and the blog I cranked up on my second.

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Season’s end

Rough count of the past year: 45 stories, 39 of them about MLS. Quite an increase from 25 over the two preceding years (not counting Olympic Athlete of the Week, which was a quick roundup that has since been folded … Continue reading

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Hey! I’m in a government database!

If they’ve done their homework on who’s likely to be in this group, anyway. Oh, it’s not the U.S. government, by the way. It’s China’s.

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What I’ve been doing all week

See what the employer looks like today. It has some spillover effect to my main hangout, but beyond that, we’ve been in “all hands on deck” mode all week. That, and the fact that the little one just refuses to … Continue reading

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