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Review: “Last Days of Knight” is flawed but essential

Cross-posting at  ESPN is gambling these days. The new “30 for 30” documentary, Last Days of Knight, gambles on three levels: It’s being shown exclusively on ESPN+, the company’s new pay service, a good way to draw attention to it … Continue reading

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Sinclair and muddled media-ownership rules

Deadspin is not one of my favorite media outlets. They tend to favor snark over substance, and they intentionally cover sports without getting to know any of the people involved so they don’t have to think about the consequences of … Continue reading

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When to ask the tough questions and when not to

Had a legitimately interesting conversation on Twitter yesterday, starting here: What you’re describing is stenography. Not journalism. Your continued failure to acknowledge your role in this mess is why you continue to be a grave embarrassment. — Imani Gandy … Continue reading

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Holiday giving idea: Support journalism

News organizations generally aren’t nonprofits. Their owners have ranged from somewhat benevolent people with a genuine interest in journalism to your basic everyday robber barons. So, under ordinary circumstances, none of us would suggest adding a news organization to your list … Continue reading

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To interview or not to interview a Nazi

You probably know this by now: The New York Times ran a story on a … white nationalist? Nazi? They were accused of “normalizing” Nazis, prompting a thoughtful response from the editor and a strange, defensive response from the reporter, who seemed … Continue reading

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Anarchist/antifa philosophy and tactics just a wee bit counterproductive

Attention conservative or “yes, Trump is evil, but when will the Left address the other side” people: Most people I know on the “Left” (whatever that means) want nothing to do with these idiots and have done a far better … Continue reading

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What about whataboutism?

Like a lot of bullying tools, “whataboutism” is powerful because there’s a bit of logic to it, however twisted it may be. In fact, on the meta level, it’s easy to use whataboutism to fight complaints about whataboutism. Most people … Continue reading

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