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Star Wars Episode VI, version IX.II

Eventually, the Family Guy versions will be more faithful to the originals than the Blu-Rays. George Lucas Can’t Leave Well Enough Alone | Popdose. Advertisements

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Why “Cars” is underrated

The June issue of Wired has a snarky take on Cars and its merchandising (p. 112 – doesn’t appear to be online). The toys are hot sellers, of course. Of the film, writer Neal Pollack says: Cars, which is essentially an … Continue reading

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Caddyshack – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Caddyshack – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Yes, everyone in Western civilization can hear the word “Caddyshack and immediately think of a few lines. But has anyone ever thought about what a strange film it is? For one thing, it’s clear … Continue reading

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Firefox and punctuation

Anyone else wonder if the reason this movie is getting so much play on cable these days is that people might think, “Hey, someone made a movie about a Web browser!”? That sentence leads me to a grammar point. I … Continue reading

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Wars not make one great

So says Yoda, but in some perusal of the Star Wars “expanded universe,” I’m finding wars are just about all we find. Just read what Luke and company had to deal with after a few decades of mopping up the … Continue reading

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Star Wars: Behind the blasters

VH1 interviews the gang: C3PO: “Well, we started to have our doubts about Kenobi when we investigated the Jawa transport. He said the blast marks were too precise for the local sand people and could only have been made by … Continue reading

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Song du semaine: Tom Jones, "You Can Leave Your Hat On"

Great song, but you know I’m just picking it this week to have an excuse to show the Full Monty finale (warning: partial nudity shown, full frontal implied): One of the best movie endings ever. The simple act of stripping … Continue reading

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