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The Original “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)”

I had no idea this wasn’t a They Might Be Giants original. The original recording was in 1953. The Original “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” | Mental Floss.

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All-time great performances: Fishbone on SNL

March 23, 1991. I was sitting in the commons room at Brown House, my happy home for the past three years. I was terrified of the world outside Duke. We had watched most of the Gulf War on the same … Continue reading

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De-romanticizing Woodstock

I don’t even like being packed next to a smelly drunk dude. I doubt I could’ve coped with this: Imagine the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina: hot, humid, hundreds of thousands of people stranded without enough food or water. Now imagine … Continue reading

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Weird Al-related question: Lamest claims to fame

Lame Claim to Fame isn’t the best track on “Weird Al” Yankovic’s No. 1 album Mandatory Fun, but it’s worth a listen, and the video entertains: And now it’s stuck in my head. Whenever I think of some tenuous connection I have … Continue reading

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Classic rock: Inside the numbers

From FiveThirtyEight: Led Zeppelin is classic rock. So are Mötley Crüe and Ozzy Osbourne. But what about U2 or Nirvana? As a child of the 1990s, I never doubted that any of these bands were classic rock, even though it … Continue reading

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Vulfpeck 1, Spotify 0

I love Spotify as a consumer. But frankly, I’d be willing to chip in a few more bucks. Given the current system, I have to admire the creativity here: A Scrappy Young Band Just Outsmarted Spotify for $20,000 to Give … Continue reading

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Muse is cheaper than Stone Temple Pilots

So says this list of prices to play on college campuses. You can get Muse for $150K, but Stone Temple Pilots will cost you $250-$400K. Dave Matthews Band? One million dollars. The original post at Priceonomics raises a few red … Continue reading

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