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Consent: Unconscious people don’t want tea, OK?

Being an optimistic person, I’m hoping the fallout from the Brock Turner rape case (you know the one — the Stanford swimmer sentenced to only six months in jail, with all the letters from family and friends saying he’s a … Continue reading

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Yes, many parents want to scale back at work

That’s the upshot of this Washington Post piece. The story segues quickly into the expenses of child care, which is just part of the equation. The other part comes later: Jobs with flexibility to tend for kids are essential. (If … Continue reading

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Sex, nerds, entitlement, rape and getting better

I thought about writing an “open letter” to mass shooter Elliot Rodger in response to his manifesto of suffering women’s rejection. Perhaps even borrowing the “It gets better” line that we saw in a gay advocacy series of videos, telling … Continue reading

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Losing one’s virginity in films — male punchline, female ordeal?

Slate columnist makes a persuasive case for MTV’s show on virginity loss, saying it’s about time someone tackled the subject honestly and even-handedly. Because we ain’t getting that in the movies: If it’s the girl who’s having sex for the … Continue reading

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Finally on YouTube: Lang Lang and the Grouch Symphony Orchestra

A few bits of beautiful classical piano, then a solid punch line delivered very well by a non-native English speaker. Gotta love Sesame Street. First referenced in my post on King Crimson three years ago but only made available a … Continue reading

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Fresh Beat Band: Resistance is useless

YouTube – Fresh Beat Band. You will be assimilated. You will listen to the slickly produced songs. You will watch the bright, bouncy videos in which even the “found objects” that make up “Marina’s” “drum” set are painted in preschool … Continue reading

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Explaining The Simpsons to a 4-year-old

“Daddy, why did Moe drive past the hospital?” “Well, sometimes Moe is mean. In fact, Moe is usually a bad guy.” “But he gives people beer. What makes him bad?”

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