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As a Georgian turned East Coast elite …

I have to say this: It’s time we stopped demonizing the “East Coast elites.” I lived the first 17 years of my life in Georgia and the next 11 in North Carolina. Then I finally moved to the D.C. suburbs. … Continue reading

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Telling the truth about depression

Powerful read here in the Post: I told the truth in my sister’s obituary, so that others might choose to live. The truth was that her sister didn’t just “die unexpectedly.” She suffered from depression and took her own life. A … Continue reading

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Meg Gunn Dure: 1947-2016

“The last of the Southern belles.” That’s how Dad described Meg Gunn when he broke the news that he had asked her to marry him after a “whirlwind courtship” (Miss Meg’s words) in 1997. She certainly had the requisite grace … Continue reading

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Jim Sherman, rock and roll teacher: 1947-2016

We just stayed and jammed. I’m not even sure why Mr. Carter, a social studies teacher, was in the music trailer behind the gym. But he and I and Mr. Sherman, the merry ringleader of the eclectic “music” offerings in … Continue reading

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Did I waste my college opportunity?

In two months, if all goes well and schedule permits, I will attend my 25-year reunion at Duke. I never really wanted to go anywhere else for college. In high school, I had a list of schools that mildly interested … Continue reading

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Remembering a side trip in Italy and a departed colleague

Getting lost in the Italian Alps can be scary. Getting lost in the Italian Alps around 1 a.m. is that much scarier. That’s what happened to me at the erratically organized 2006 Olympics. I had two “off” times — one … Continue reading

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My hometown, my writing, my life

Why am I staying up past my bedtime to write about my hometown? At my age, when I’ve been on all sorts of medication because my sinuses are in their annual revolt against whatever is in the air or my … Continue reading

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