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Share jobs, have productive hobbies

We in the modern West have vocations and avocations, and they get in each other’s way. They don’t have to, and they probably shouldn’t. Instead of having a few people working themselves to death while others are out of work, … Continue reading

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The value of a four-year college

Three weeks into my symbolic logic class, I realized I didn’t belong. It certainly seemed like a good idea to take it. I was a philosophy major, and I had aced logic. Loved it. Breezed through it. I slowly realized … Continue reading

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Jason Biggs, Challenger and coping with tragedy through humor

You may have heard Jason Biggs, associated with either American Pie by people my age or Orange is the New Black by those a little younger, got in a bit of trouble for a tweet about the Malaysia Airlines downing. Biggs joked, “Anyone wanna buy … Continue reading

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Why we believe utter crap

Are we doomed to believe things that are demonstrably false? Brendan Nyhan (Dukie!) has devoted much of his career to fighting falsehoods, and he is depressed by a three-year study he conducted to try change beliefs on vaccination: The first … Continue reading

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No one ever went broke underestimating the panicky nature of the public

The ever-intriguing Philosophers’ Mail thinks we should engage our inner Stoic and tune out the fear-mongering media from time to time. News outlets love to make us, their audiences, agitated, frightened and bothered a lot of the time, that’s how they make … Continue reading

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5 reasons why you shouldn’t work too hard

Great work here from Brigid Schulte, pointing out the dubious rewards of working too hard: 5 reasons why you shouldn’t work too hard. Ties in with a question I’ve had in my head: If we have a lot of people … Continue reading

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Why cynics are suckers

Cynicism is not intelligence. Cynicism is the coward’s way of dealing with life. It provides easy scapegoats when things go wrong. It provides an excuse not to care about people or entities who are imperfect. It doesn’t help the cynic’s … Continue reading

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