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Maybe time to start cataloging immigration nonsense?

I keep bookmarks on all sorts of things, from clips of my writing to a catalog of what’s going wrong in this country. On this site, I’ve put a couple of categories from those bookmarks in one handy place — … Continue reading

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Things to remember about the Cohen testimony that the “liberal media” haven’t emphasized enough

Yesterday, a man who is going to jail for doing the dirty work for the president of the United States produced documents for and gave many new leads to a Congressional committee that’s trying to get to the bottom of … Continue reading

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We’ve listened to you. Please listen to us. (Part 1)

Let’s say at the outset — “we” and “us” are general terms. And no matter what the media (yeah, I’m part of it) try to shove down your throats, we’re not “polarized.” Things are much more complicated than that. ♦♦ … Continue reading

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Please make me quit chronicling the cruelty of the president …

Today, our commander-in-chief … … threatened to cut off aid to California in response to … the fires that are ravaging California.  A few issues with that: Trump has failed to note that more than half the forested land in … Continue reading

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About last night …

The tyranny of the minority party is over. Make no mistake — the Republicans are the minority party. In 2016, Trump was elected with 46.1% of the popular vote. Republicans did eke out a narrow victory in the number of … Continue reading

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Whatever happens Tuesday …

… there will be too many people motivated by prejudice and fear. They accept stereotypes of immigrants while turning a blind eye to the violence of people whose families have been for generations. They will ignore the industries and farms … Continue reading

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On negativity and reaching out to snowflakes

Let’s first be clear about who’s a “snowflake” and who isn’t. Much of the country cares about immigrant families. Even if they want to keep everyone out and have even stronger border security than we currently have, they don’t want … Continue reading

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