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Ayn Rand entry still lacks Rush’s thoughts

p The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy’s entry on Ayn Rand has been revised, and the words “Rush,” “Peart” and “2112” still do not appear. Spoilsports. ICYMI: Neil Peart has offered several repudiations of modern Rand followers, especially Rand Paul. Advertisements

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Rolling Stone and Rush mythbusting

On its 40th anniversary tour, Rush has officially broken down the last of the rock establishment’s resistance. They’re on the cover of Rolling Stone. Even better, the article is terrific. It doesn’t just rehash the band’s history. It captures them as a … Continue reading

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Rush: Retire? Residency?

What do you do with a band full of guys in their 60s who keep getting better? I saw Rush for the sixth time (I think — I may have lost count) last night, and it was the best Rush show … Continue reading

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Rush in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Up to the fans

I guess this is some sort of tacit admission that the Hall of Fame is no longer reserved for Jann Wenner’s buddies. The Hall has put in fan voting, and Rush is finally nominated. The case for Rush: Nearly 40 … Continue reading

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The "I’m out of Roman numerals" guide to Rush, Part X of X

So Rush has nothing left to prove at this point. Their careers won’t be judged by anything they do in the next 15-20 years. I’m just looking forward to the R50 box set. They’re still a top concert draw, and … Continue reading

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The still-coherent guide to Rush, Part IX

The last part before the last part, which will be my long-awaited opinion on the new one, Snakes and Arrows. So when we last left Rush, we thought we might be leaving them for the last time. Neil Peart had … Continue reading

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The blah blah blah guide to Rush, Part VIII

(Why two in two days? I think my big story is done. Check Thursday’s paper.)Roll the Bones was a period of great upheaval — for me. I graduated from college and begged for scraps in the job market. I remember … Continue reading

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