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Left Behind – way, way behind

I’ve always held a deep distrust of the Left Behind phenomenon. It seems to preach to the “I’m saved and you’re not” school of arrogant Christianity. So I got a kick out of this review of the Nicolas Cage “reboot” of the … Continue reading

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A little knowledge on the USA TODAY layoffs

I’m trying to spend less time refuting people who are wrong on the Internet or elsewhere. It’s not productive. Sure, they say all it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to say nothing. But that doesn’t mean … Continue reading

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Contrarian talk: The epic cease-and-desist response from West Orange, N.J.

The great law blog Above the Law has a funny exchange between a big bullying government employee and a private citizen’s pro bono attorney. Or is the pro bono attorney the bully? Here’s the original exchange, in which a town attorney asks a … Continue reading

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Why “Cars” is underrated

The June issue of Wired has a snarky take on Cars and its merchandising (p. 112 – doesn’t appear to be online). The toys are hot sellers, of course. Of the film, writer Neal Pollack says: Cars, which is essentially an … Continue reading

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Newspapers can be just like new media whiz kids! (But not in a good way)

A few days ago, I angered some of my Twitter followers by referencing a truly twisted piece of soccer opinion-writing at Bleacher Report. I can’t give a blanket condemnation of the site in deference to a couple of buddies who … Continue reading

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Dear Woman Ahead of Me at Starbucks

Please. Go ahead. Change your order again. Sure, I noticed that you gave one whole order with three or four items, then changed the whole thing without thinking about it. No problem. Go right ahead. And then after the cashier … Continue reading

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When writers attack

See Alice write. See Alice get a negative though not appalling review, one that says her latest doesn’t live up to her previous work. See Alice trash the reviewer on her Twitter feed. See Alice post the reviewer’s phone number … Continue reading

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