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Sex on the big screen — no, not Game of Thrones on your 65-inch HD in the basement

Murder! Guns! Graphic war scenes! A man tenderly running his hand … Whoa, whoa! We can’t let our kids see that! Our sensibilities about sex and violence have always been a bit hypocritical. Jamie Lee Curtis taking off her top … Continue reading

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My Springfield …

I’ve been playing The Simpsons: Tapped Out phone game for a few years now. The game is running out of a steam a bit because they’re running out of characters, but it’s still fun to build and re-shape Springfield. Today, they unveiled … Continue reading

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Best 100 TV episodes of the century … sort of

I got one-third of the way through The Ringer’s list of the top 100 TV episodes of the century and figured I should do a post on it. So as I start this, I have no idea what’s to come … Continue reading

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Every recap of The Americans, ever

I watched the first couple of episodes of The Americans and was quite impressed. But it’s a little too intense for me, especially given what happened to these families in real life. But I’m interested in what happens. My hope is that … Continue reading

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Jenna Fischer’s wonderful new show … and why it won’t last

I checked out the first episode of Splitting Up Together today, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. That said, I’m not sure I’m interested in watching another episode. Of course, I’m *rooting* for it because I just love Jenna Fischer. She … Continue reading

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The actual divide in this country, illustrated

Forget rural vs. urban. Forget left vs. right. Forget rich vs. poor (both of which have been convinced to vote against their self-interests, anyway). Here’s the divide in this country: Duke course catalog, Statistics 642: Statistical models for modeling, monitoring, … Continue reading

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Corporate social media — an oxymoron?

When your company is savaged on John Oliver’s show, wouldn’t you want to respond? Companies have so many tools to do so these days. The days of tossing press releases to overloaded newsroom fax machines are long gone. We have … Continue reading

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