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Every recap of The Americans, ever

I watched the first couple of episodes of The Americans and was quite impressed. But it’s a little too intense for me, especially given what happened to these families in real life. But I’m interested in what happens. My hope is that … Continue reading

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Jenna Fischer’s wonderful new show … and why it won’t last

I checked out the first episode of Splitting Up Together today, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. That said, I’m not sure I’m interested in watching another episode. Of course, I’m *rooting* for it because I just love Jenna Fischer. She … Continue reading

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The actual divide in this country, illustrated

Forget rural vs. urban. Forget left vs. right. Forget rich vs. poor (both of which have been convinced to vote against their self-interests, anyway). Here’s the divide in this country: Duke course catalog, Statistics 642: Statistical models for modeling, monitoring, … Continue reading

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Corporate social media — an oxymoron?

When your company is savaged on John Oliver’s show, wouldn’t you want to respond? Companies have so many tools to do so these days. The days of tossing press releases to overloaded newsroom fax machines are long gone. We have … Continue reading

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Cable-channel ID creep and pandering to the masses

MTV doesn’t show videos. (Not often, anyway.) Neither does VH1. A&E doesn’t show a lot of arts and entertainment. Even The Weather Channel has a lot of shows that aren’t really about the weather. So maybe it’s a little heartening … Continue reading

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The brilliant WKRP Thanksgiving episode

We can all say the closing line together: As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly But there are so many great moments in this episode. When I rewatched bits of it yesterday, I loved the reactions of … Continue reading

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How Jon Stewart changed the media … CNN, at least

When a comedian hands you your ass on a plate, the best way to respond it to learn from it: Stewart clearly has had an impact on other media careers and decisions, most notably on the termination of the political … Continue reading

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