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Mass media has utterly failed to convey the policy stakes in the election – Vox

To some extent, we can blame the public and the candidates themselves. When you have a guy like Donald Trump running for office, he could have an agenda identical to Barack Obama’s or Mitt Romney’s, but the question of whether … Continue reading

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Link Dump, 6-25-16: Toss a sacred cow on the grill

Happy summer to everyone … SACRED COWS Worst president ever: Harding? Pierce? Fillmore? Carter? Bush 43? How about Ronald Reagan? That’s the nominee from Cracked’s Adam Tod Brown, who cites corruption, the inequality of Reaganomics, the union-crushing that hurt the … Continue reading

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Link Dump, 5-31-16: The Libertarian moment

I neglected to promote last week’s Link Dump, which had a fun video linking Keith Emerson to Nigel Tufnel, along with a few pieces on the death of facts. Not as much to share today, but I have a couple … Continue reading

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Link Dump, 5-22-16: Emerson/Tufnel, the death of facts

If I shared everything I read, I would have such a high volume of social media output that no one would follow me any more. So, on occasion, I’m going to do what I’m calling “Link Dump.” It’s a potpourri … Continue reading

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Revisiting the messiest Yes album — Union!

I’m not much of a podcast listener. Perhaps it’s because I spend little time commuting, or perhaps I rarely find a podcast I prefer to turning up my favorite music. But one I can enthusiastically recommend is the aptly named … Continue reading

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Best of 2015 comedy: Amy Schumer, of course

I don’t quite agree with looking at the best and worst of 2015 U.S. comedy strictly through the lens of gender, but it’s tough to argue with this Guardian piece hailing Amy Schumer’s brilliance this year. I’d also subscribe to a YouTube … Continue reading

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Academia getting serious about talking to the rest of us?

At Duke, I wrote a column shredding academic-ese. Maybe I was foreshadowing my USA TODAY career, urging academics to write more concisely. (A poli sci professor read my column and told his class he would shorten the length requirement on … Continue reading

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