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How I got W3 Total Cache and WPTouch to co-exist

Years ago, I was ahead of the new media curve. Now, I’m not. I confess that I did not have a mobile-friendly theme for until Google sent me the notice that I needed to do that or my site … Continue reading

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Misadventures in ebook publishing

As you may know from reading my other blog or my Twitter feed or from bumping into me any time in the past six months, I’m writing an ebook on the Washington Spirit. I’ve just about finished the editing phase, … Continue reading

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You can run that last mile, but you can’t run from being a liberal!

Thousands of people affected by the Boston Marathon bombing, including many who were unable to finish the race, gathered in Boston to run the last mile over the weekend. It was an inspiring story, a testament to the human will. … Continue reading

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Your marriage is just distracting us from the real issues!

Ever find comments on the Internet that are so delusional, so full of unfocused rage, so wacked-out that you simply have to share them with the world? Welcome to Rageahol, inspired by the great Homer Simpson line: “Ohhhh, it’s true, … Continue reading

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How I ditched the smart phone

I’m officially a former Blackberry user. I fell in love with the devices while covering the Olympics, where USA TODAY would set us all up so we could communicate from everywhere. Snapping pictures and Tweeting from Beijing was a new … Continue reading

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The day the Internet finally discovered “community”

Not going to set it up any more than that. Just read … which famous person needs to come out already? : AskReddit.

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Want to get famous? Sue The Oatmeal!

It’s an old story: 1. Lawyer reviews Aggregation Site, finds that Creative Site has complained about Aggregation Site’s copyright infringement. 2. Lawyer demands Creative Site send Aggregation Site $20,000, or else we’ll all to court. 3. Creative Site tells lawyer … Continue reading

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