Show me the evidence

Normally, I would side with someone at USA TODAY over Jay Rosen. No disrespect to Rosen, but I’ve disagreed with him on occasion, and USA TODAY is still a special place to me.

But Rosen’s absolutely right here in arguing with a USA TODAY editor (someone I don’t know) about how they reported a story that’s just an allegation with no shred of evidence: Evidence-based vs. accusation-driven reporting (with tweets) · jayrosen_nyu · Storify

The good news: This approach may already be changing. I saw a couple of headlines (NYT, CBS) responding to Trump’s “I would’ve won if millions of people hadn’t voted illegally” Tweet with a headline “Citing no evidence …”

That’s how it’s going to have to be from here on. And probably should’ve been since the days of McCarthy.

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Fake-news entrepreneur blames his audience, and he’s right

Vital interview here with a modern-day P.T. Barnum:

Some of this has to fall on the readers themselves. The consumers of content have to be better at identifying this stuff. We have a whole nation of media-illiterate people. Really, there needs to be something done.

Source: We Tracked Down A Fake-News Creator In The Suburbs. Here’s What We Learned : All Tech Considered : NPR

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Amanpour on ‘existential crisis’

Fake news, marginalized media, etc.

Source: Journalism faces an ‘existential crisis’ in Trump era –

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Oral history of Trump coverage, summed up by Homer Simpson

The scary thing about this election — it’s one thing to distrust the media when we deserve it. It’s another to distrust everything the media (and academia) say.

Or, as Homer Simpson put it:


Source: Accomplices or antagonists: how the media handled the Trump phenomenon | US news | The Guardian

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Lessons from Italy

Trump has pulled a Berlusconi.

We saw this dynamic during the presidential campaign. Hillary Clinton was so focused on explaining how bad Mr. Trump was that she too often didn’t promote her own ideas, to make the positive case for voting for her. The news media was so intent on ridiculing Mr. Trump’s behavior that it ended up providing him with free advertising.

Source: The Right Way to Resist Trump –

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More proof Trump has the media wrapped around his finger …

Take a look at the NINTH story on my Washington Post newsletter this morning …


How would that story have been played if it were Hillary Clinton?

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Get off the pollsters’ backs, everyone

From a story on whether France is going to have its own populist revolution:

Even with the much more complicated electoral college system, U.S. pollsters weren’t really that far off this year, Jeanbert says. The average of the final polls showed Clinton with a nationwide lead of about three points. Final results aren’t in but she probably won the popular vote by just under one point, within the margin of error. Polls were correct in almost every state. They got Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan wrong, but even there final polls showed Clinton with only single digit leads.

Source: French Pollsters Spooked by Trump But Still Don’t See Le Pen Win – Bloomberg

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