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On gender, bubbles, sociology and prejudice

There’s a fine line between prejudice and sociology. I can’t remember when I first said that, and I can’t remember if someone else said it first. Google can’t help me with that because the thought somehow got in my head … Continue reading

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Philosophy majors will destroy ISIS

At the very least, if we could get you engineering types to study some dadgum humanities, you might not view life in binary: Martin Rose of the British Council blames the “engineering mindset” for why scientists and engineers make for … Continue reading

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Academia getting serious about talking to the rest of us?

At Duke, I wrote a column shredding academic-ese. Maybe I was foreshadowing my USA TODAY career, urging academics to write more concisely. (A poli sci professor read my column and told his class he would shorten the length requirement on … Continue reading

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After all, do you have 100 percent definitive proof that President Obama is not a secret Kenyan Muslim Socialist Black Panther using Jade Helm psy-ops techniques to seize Cliven Bundy’s cattle?!? No, you do not. Please look for “Special Topics … Continue reading

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The value of a four-year college

Three weeks into my symbolic logic class, I realized I didn’t belong. It certainly seemed like a good idea to take it. I was a philosophy major, and I had aced logic. Loved it. Breezed through it. I slowly realized … Continue reading

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Fact-checking, academia-style

Academics have peer review and other mechanisms to lessen the likelihood of error. These folks seem to be putting in a missing step: publicizing retractions so more people know when a study turns out to be flawed. Seems worthwhile. Retraction … Continue reading

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The humanities are important — really!

A solid case here from Duke’s Peter Burian, though I’m not sure it’s going to persuade many people outside the converted: What we must do is insist — loudly and repeatedly — that liberal education aspires to make people not … Continue reading

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