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Batman is a scientist … Just who are these 300 ‘scientists’ telling Trump to burn the climate? | John Abraham Advertisements

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Old-guard GOP offers to fix problem GOP thinks doesn’t exist: climate change

Ted Halstead of the Climate Leadership Council says the political left and right have stalled on climate action in part because they disagreed about the means to fixing the problem. I’d argue it’s because the right has convinced its followers … Continue reading

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The media’s role in climate-change denialism

False objectivity, postmodernism, getting “both sides” — by any name, it’s a problem: As Kenner sees it, on any issue, there are typically three groups: true believers; nonbelievers; and the vast, confused middle. It’s not the middle’s fault it’s confused: … Continue reading

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The lines of legitimate debate: Climate change edition

Not quite as clever as John Oliver doing the “representative” climate change debate with 97 people vs. 3. But still an interesting pushback against the idea that “both sides” need to be represented when the two “sides” are clearly not … Continue reading

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How all “debates” on things that are actual facts should be conducted

John Oliver demonstrates with this debate on climate change: Incidentally, I still remember Bill Nye from the great Seattle sketch show Almost Live.

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Three sides on climate change? Can’t have that!

Andrew Sullivan rounds up a bit of legitimate right-wing concern about climate change. The problem is that having conversatives bringing forth their climate-change ideas will confound the media, which can’t handle more than two “sides.” The two “sides” on climate … Continue reading

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Climate denialism – the media’s fault?

We all know the issue disappeared during the election. But there’s a puzzling disconnect between climate researchers and the guys paid to point at blue screens on your local TV. Your weatherman probably denies global warming – Salon.com.

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