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How Jon Stewart changed the media … CNN, at least

When a comedian hands you your ass on a plate, the best way to respond it to learn from it: Stewart clearly has had an impact on other media careers and decisions, most notably on the termination of the political … Continue reading

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What the world needs now is another pol-spinner like I need a hole in my head

Ironically, the first “RELATED” link after this tale of expanding the punditocracy while actual reporting withers is: “Jeff Zucker to CNN Staff: We are still unequivocally dedicated to quality journalism.” CNN Adds Stephanie Cutter, Kevin Madden as Political Commentators – … Continue reading

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CNN, CNET and necessary evils

Those Of Us Who Care About Journalism are up in metaphorical arms this week over two stories: 1. The Daily Show¬†laid bare the effects of CNN cutting its investigative reporters. I’m no optimist — I saw in my grad school … Continue reading

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24/7 media — how’s that working out for you?

Today is a day to mourn, to wonder why, to search for strength … and to shake our heads at the state of journalism in the era of the 24/7 news cycle. Sure, law enforcement should get the blame for … Continue reading

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Losing an argument? Deny the facts, start the name-calling

Nice work by Soledad O’Brien here to stand up to John Sununu, who tries to claim there are no independent analyses of Medicare: CNN Actually Fact-Checks A Politician; Hilarity Ensues. O’Brien also makes good use of the Web to show … Continue reading

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CNN, The Supreme Court and health care: The race to be first claims another victim

Andrew Sullivan may be the quintessential blogger, giving us the mix of news, analysis and link-sharing to show us what the medium is capable of doing. No exception today, as he live-blogged the ruling and added some insights from himself … Continue reading

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Cable punditry: The vast wasteland

The big news among those who follow such things: Kathleen Parker, a thoughtful and occasionally illuminating newspaper columnist, has been ousted from CNN’s ill-conceived Parker Spitzer. We have plenty of backstage gossip and some accusations of sexism, the latter especially … Continue reading

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